Our perspective on education, reflected in our curriculum, is that we are not filling a bucket, but rather lighting a fire. Thus, we endeavour to teach students to “learn how to learn” by giving them the skills to do so. Most importantly, we aim to instil in our students a love for learning as a passionate pursuit in and of itself. We aim to get your child out into the world, to embrace their own personal learning journey and to see that learning can happen anywhere in the world, not just in a classroom.

Our wall-less campus, that blends outdoor learning into our living curriculum provides the perfect environment for our students to thrive in. Our programme holds a special place in the world of education evidenced by our four years of graduates who are attending universities around the world and working in inspiring organisations and places where they are finding personal and academic success. For a better understanding of our programme and our learning philosophy, watch this video.




“How many MCQs really changed someone’s life?”




Greenstone is a High School capstone project where students present their world-shaping ideas in a TED-style talk. By exploring a project or purpose that leads to illuminating discoveries, students find self-worth, validation as critical thinkers and develop lasting connections to passions, causes, partners, and potentially career pathways.

Through these Greenstone projects, students have tackled a variety of environmental and social issues, while simultaneously addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through them. These range from issues relating to Climate Change (SDG 13), Clean Drinking Water (SDG 6), Gender Equality (SDG 5), Life Below Water (SDG 14), Renewable Energy (SDG 7) and more.

Watch some of the student Greenstones here



These are programmes that focus on students’ experiences related to physical, artistic and environmental pursuits. This a chance for students to explore their passions and build a strong connection with the causes they feel deeply about. Courses are designed to help foster the Green School Skills, with a particular emphasis on adaptability, leadership, awareness, collaboration and creative thinking.

For one Jalan Jalan Programme, our high school students visited various restaurants around the island of Bali to collect used cooking oil, which would then be turned into Biofuel for our Bio Buses. The Bio Bus project is Green School’s very own green transportation system, and a brilliant illustration of our students’ learning journeys which don’t just entail rigorous academic routines, but real, experiential learning where students work towards finding solutions to real-world problems facing our societies. 

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What if schools cared as much about students’ wellbeing as their academic success and grades? Everything at Green School centres around social emotional wellbeing of students. It starts with the wall-less campus, a deep connection with nature, the food policy at Green School and a curriculum that empowers students to lead their own learning journeys. Several programmes ensure students’ social emotional wellbeing such as Rites of Passage Programme, Risky Business, Being a Grown up, Get a Life, and more.

We know that students learn best when they are engaged, mindful and active. All aspects of Green School’s wellbeing programme (physical wellbeing, social and emotional wellbeing, mindfulness, and relationship education) are structured in a way to enable students to develop the skills and knowledge to be the stewards of their own health and wellbeing. To learn more about how we approach student wellbeing at Green School, click here.

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