The Bridge in the Middle

The Middle School program begins to give our students the freedom and responsibility of course selection. Social-emotional development is a key component of the Middle School program – where students learn to build relationships with their peers, mentors, and the natural environment.

In addition to strong Proficiency programs (Literacy, Mathematics, Science), students are able to choose their Physical Wellbeing, Arts, and Jalan-Jalan (experiential) classes. Our Middle School curriculum is centered around teaching our students how to take control of their own learning. We focus on teaching students to ask the right questions and be confident searching for answers.

Middle School honors the Three Frames of Learning while working to introduce Thematic and Integrated units in order to prepare students for the elective process of High School’s blended frames. For a more in-depth explanation, please watch the short video.

“Middle school is a time to equip students with the life skills they will need to cross that bridge from childhood to young adults. At Green School, we have designed our middle school so that all grades mix together regularly in classes. This promotes mentorship opportunities for our older students, while giving our younger students the chance to learn from them and gain confidence.”

Nicola Unite, Head of Middle School

Special Activities

Jalan Jalan

Taking students off the timetable for ½ day each week, these courses focus on experiential learning in the areas of service, enterprise and outdoor education. Students are asked to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new, as well as given a chance to pursue some of their passions in these areas. Students work with teachers to identify their personal learning outcomes to compliment those designed by the teacher. Courses are designed to help foster the Green School Skills, with a particular emphasis on adaptability, leadership, awareness, collaboration and creative thinking.


Quest Capstone Project

The grade 8 Quest project challenges students to identify one of their passions and turn it into a project that has an aspect of environmental or societal sustainability to it. The project culminates in a TED style presentation that helps prepare our students for success in their High School Green Stone presentations and beyond.

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