Green School prides itself on personalizing learning for our students. We welcome students with a vast range of unique talents, skills and challenges. Our goal is to embrace each child, honor his or her unique contributions to our special learning community, and nurture his or her development in order to optimize potential. To do so, we offer substantive learning support within realistic financial constraints.

English Language Learning (ELL)

Children from all corners of the globe are welcome in our diverse and vibrant community of learners. Students who do not speak English may be interviewed during the application process and required to complete a language assessment to determine their level of English support need. Our in-house team of professionals can provide ELL services to a limit, as part of the standard tuition fees. This level of support is primarily delivered via classroom support. Support beyond this limit, via small group support or some one-on-one support may be available in-house at an additional charge. Children ages 3-5 entering our Early Years programme do not need to speak English. Students entering Primary, Middle, and High School need to have an intermediate level of English. Students ages 6-11 with little or no English may first apply to Green School English before entering Primary School.

Our commitment is to support each child to grow holistically and gain the full Green School experience. Where a child requires support beyond our in-house service, it may be recommended that parents source a full-time aide or private tutor to provide intensive individual support. Whenever possible, we will assist in sourcing a tutor, but ultimately the responsibility for this extra support and the ensuing costs lie with the parents.

Academic Support

Green School admits students whose academic and personal needs can be met by the programs and student support services available at the time of admission.  Green School has an experienced team of Learning Support specialists to assist students with learning differences.

Applicants who have a history of requiring learning support are asked to submit additional documentation as described in our admissions policy.  Fees for learning support can be found in on our tuition & fees page. Green School admits students requiring learning support up to a determined threshold for the semester based on availability of staff.

When a full-time 1:1 aid is required to meet a student’s learning needs, parents are responsible for sourcing and covering associated costs.  Whenever possible, Green School will facilitate finding an aid, but financial responsibility lies with the parents.

Social Emotional Support

Social-Emotional development is a very important part of a Green School experience.  Our highly experienced counselling team offers social-emotional support in developmentally appropriate ways.

When needed, our counsellors offer short-term one-on-one counseling sessions and refer to partner specialists for longer term needs.  Our counsellors also offer regular parent meetings and workshops to discuss issues and needs that arise for students at different age levels.

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