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Application, Enrolment and Tuition Policy

2022 – 2023

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Getting to know each other

Every semester, in August and January, we welcome new families to our community of learners. The process leading up to this is a careful exploration and assessment on the part of applicant families and the School.  This is very much a two way process of diligent consideration and a deep understanding of mutual expectations. We select students who will thrive in our international, progressive, jungle school. Ultimately we aim for the very best fit.

We invite all potential applicant families to spend time exploring our website and to follow our stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well as making direct contact with our Admissions Team. Once an application is in process, we keep in touch regularly via newsletters, email and live events where we can connect with each other in conversation.

In taking a decision to accept an enrolment offer, all families agree to School policies. Importantly, our Enrolment and Tuition Policy is outlined with clarity here for you.

The Basics

A quick summary to get started

This policy document contains important information for any applicant or newly enrolled family. The following is a summary of some very important points to get started. 

  • The Green School Bali curriculum is unique, with evidence-based programs that form part of our ‘living curriculum’. We are a licensed international school in Indonesia, with Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation.
  • The minimum enrolment period is one year except for Early Years (ages 3-5) where single semester enrolments are possible when space is available. We have two intakes per year, in August and again in January. Full year enrolments are prioritised.
  • Enrolment offers are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis to families who are a ‘great fit’. We also hold a small number of reserved places for families who can make a substantial contribution to our Local Scholar Program for Balinese children. 
  • The Green School Diploma is a two year program (Grades 11 and 12). Students must start at the beginning of Grade 11 in order to complete all requirements to receive the diploma.
  • Applications need to be in on time and complete, including payment of the application fee. Enrolment and tuition deadlines are enforced as we continue to grow our dynamic school.
  • All fees and charges are presented in Indonesian Rupiah, as legally required.

Selection Criteria

Finding the best fit for everyone

We look for students and families who want to make a change in the world, whatever their background and however they identify themselves. We are an inclusive school but do look for families and students who demonstrate the following:

  • A great understanding of our approach to teaching and learning including a passion for progressive education that blends academic learning with the mastery of skills and the nurturing of values.
  • Curiosity and motivation as learners, with a love and interest in the natural world.
  • An active commitment to learning, particularly for older students who need to be responsible and motivated to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.
  • A desire to be part of a community including respect for others, respect for Bali and the honoring of educators as professionals and experts.

Key Dates 

Important deadlines and details, not to be missed

This summary of important dates and details in our annual enrolment cycle is expanded on in the sections below, but is an important and handy reference:

  • Round 1, Early Offers, are usually made at the end of February for the upcoming school year (semester one). These early offers are made to previously admitted families who had deferred enrolment and a limited number of new applicants. Round 1, Early Offers for semester two enrolments are made before the end of September for the upcoming semester.
  • Round 2, Standard Offers, are made before the end of March for semester one of the upcoming school year. Only applications which are completed and paid by March 1 are considered for this round. Round 2, Standard Offers for semester two enrolments are made before the end of October for the upcoming semester. Only applications which are completed and paid by September 1 are considered for this round.
  • Round 3, Final Offers, are made at the beginning of May for semester one of the upcoming school year. Round 3, Final Offers for semester two are made at the beginning of December for the upcoming semester.
  • Registration and Refundable Deposit fees are due within 7 days of an enrolment offer and secure your child’s place on the waiting list ahead of tuition payments.
  • Tuition fees are payable approximately 30 days from the date of the enrolment offer (see the billing cycle dates further below).

Please note that semester one of the school year is August to December and semester two is January to June.

Application and Enrolment

The process and the payments along the way

Applications start through an online process accessible via our website. All documents must be submitted by the relevant deadline. Our Admissions Team is available at any stage to answer your questions and help with the process. Once your application is submitted we will be in touch to update you on progress and share information from the School via newsletters and online events. If your application is successful you will either be offered a place or may be waitlisted, depending on availability of spaces. Support for accessing a visa and travel information becomes available once an offer is made and has been accepted.

To support our Local Scholar Program, a small number of reserved places are held open, separate to the normal deadlines, for families who are able to contribute a one year scholarship for a Balinese child. Please email for more information.

The admission, registration and refundable deposit costs are one-time payments and enrolments are confirmed only after an enrolment offer is made and payment processed.

Admission Fees for New Students (in IDR per student) 

Fee Per Individual Child
Application 3,500,000
Registration 35,500,000
Refundable Deposit 30,000,000
Total Admissions Fees 69,000,000

 Important notes on the various fees

  • The Application Fee ​is non-refundable and is due at the time of application. Once this fee has been paid and all application materials are submitted, the application review process commences.
  • The Registration Fee ​is payable once, is non-refundable, and is invoiced on acceptance of an enrolment or waitlist offer. This payment confirms your intention to enroll at the school or holds a space on the waiting list, if we are full. If we are unable to offer your child a place for your preferred start time due to enrolment demand, or you do not wish to remain on the waiting list and advise us by the deadline (see section on withdrawal further below), the registration fee is refundable.
  • The Refundable Deposit ​is refunded in full at the end of the student’s enrolment period, taking into account minimum enrolment requirements and provided no outstanding fees apply to the student’s account. It is also refundable in the case that you do not wish to remain on the waiting list and advise us by the deadline.

Tuition Fees

Fees due annually, minus any discounts

The following schedule applies to the 2022-23 school year. Any applicable discounts can be found in the next section. Our Finance Team can provide applicant families with a quotation. Please email to make this request.

Annual Tuition Fee schedule (in IDR) 

Grade Level Full Year Payment (1x) Semester Payment (2x)
Pre-K Prep/Pre K (half day or 3 full days 112,876,630 59,260,231
Pre-K Prep / Pre-K 156,090,480 81,947,502
Kindergarten 184,480,725 96,852,380
Primary School (Grades 1-3) 213,769,197 112,228,829
Primary School (Grades 4-5) 218,600,641 114,765,337
Middle School (Grades 6-8) 250,178,760 131,343,849
High School (Grades 9-10) 266,857,344 140,100,106
High School (Grades 11-12) 289,095,456 151,775,114

Early Years Note: Single semester enrollment is available in Early Years only and tuition fees are calculated on half the annual tuition fee for the relevant grade, plus 10%.

Potential Value Added Tax Being Introduced

 We have received advice that the Indonesian Government may introduce VAT to educational services (school fees for international schools) some time in 2022-23. If the tax comes into effect it will mean an additional charge to enrolled families (as the ‘purchaser’ of educational services) of between 1%-3% of tuition. We will of course let families know if this comes into effect as soon as we know and will provide all enrolled families with a supplementary invoice to cover the VAT contribution.

Levy in support of our Balinese Scholars and membership to parent programs

Every Green School family shows its support for connecting locally and supporting a new generation of Indonesian changemakers, by contributing to the Local Scholar Program. The revenues from the levy go directly towards funding Indonesian Scholar students. The mandatory level applies to each Green School family (not per child), and is payable annually along with tuition fees.  

Our vibrant parent community is supported by the Green School Parent Association (GSPA) through gatherings and events that connect families and friends. Along with The Bridge (the School’s parent co-working, co-creation and co-learning space), parent programs engage the heart and mind. The Bridge is open to all parents to help them connect, work, learn, pivot or socialise. This is ‘Green School for Grown-ups’. This payment entitles up to two parents to become members of The Bridge.  

Local Scholar Annual Levy (in IDR) 8,500,000
Membership to Parent Programs (in IDR) 1,000,000 (GPSA 250,000 + The Bridge 750,000)

Important notes to read alongside the fee schedule

Tuition fees are inclusive of most major camps, trips, off-campus programs and learning resources.

Additional student support is provided by our expert team. Where support is available to students who have an identified need, an additional charge may be applied (see section below).

If enrolled for a full year (minimum for all grades except in Early Years) and paying by semester instalments, a first semester surcharge of 20% of the total tuition fees applies. The surcharge is credited to the second semester installment. Paying by semester does not mean that enrolment is by single semester and we cannot pro-rater fees for time out of school during a child’s enrolment. See further below for details on withdrawals.

Single Semester Enrolment is an option only for Early Years. All other Learning Neighbourhoods require a one-year (two semester) commitment, up to Grade 10. This allows students and their families to fully immerse themselves in the learning experience and community. In the case that a family can only stay for one semester, a full year’s tuition payment is required. The Diploma Program requires a two year commitment (Grades 11 and 12). 

In the event that a student is required to leave for disciplinary reasons, Tuition Fees are forfeited

Late fees

The Late Payment Fee is 5% per month and is applied to the total outstanding fee amounts from the payment deadline. Late payments will also result in the forfeiture of any applicable discounts. A child may not access learning if fees are outstanding at any stage. This is an absolute last resort and not a step we take lightly or without thought for the child.

Other possible individual costs

  • Lap-top computer (essential for Middle School and High School) 
  • Sport uniform (available from the school) 
  • School lunches (optional) 
  • Biobus: access to the school bus service (optional)
  • After School Activities: most are free of charge but particular activities which are delivered via an outside provider, may attract a cost. (optional)
  • External Exams: where a student chooses to take exams outside of the curriculum, an additional cost may be incurred. (optional)
  • Outward-Bound Programs: Some optional and additional experiential outward-bound programs on offer in the Middle School and High School may attract an additional cost.
  • Student Support or English as a Learner’s Language: where additional support is required, an additional fee may be applicable (see details further below)

Sibling Discounts

Discounts for multiple sibling enrolments

Sibling Discount
For families with more than one student attending Green School, sibling discounts apply. 

Oldest child Full tuition
Second sibling 5% discount
Third sibling 10% discount
Fourth sibling 15% discount

 Applications for scholarships are only available to Balinese children who are Indonesian citizens. This program supports Scholars to attend the school from Pre-K all the way to graduation. Approximately 10% of our students are Balinese scholars. We are proud of this enormous give-back commitment by the school but this means that we cannot offer other discounts or scholarships to children who are not Balinese Scholars.

Student Support

Additional English language or student support services  

We are an inclusive school and encourage applications from all learners. Our student support team holds expertise and experience in certain additional learning needs. It is important that any information on an identified support need is shared during the application and enrolment process so that we can ensure the right support is in place for children to thrive.

We can support a range of additional learning needs but our stimulating environment, rugged campus and dynamic program does not suit all learners. Please discuss any particular needs with our Admissions Team to ensure we can support your child to have the best experience possible.

Support needs can change over time and it is important to note that support service charges may need to be adjusted (up or down) over time. 

Schedule of additional student support fees per term (in IDR)

Low (up to 2 hours per week)

Medium (between 3-4 hours per week)

High (5+ hours per week)




Payment is due per term (4 x per school year), but may be adjusted term-by-term as needed.

Green School English Camp

This immersive program is an optional or required pre-enrolment camp-style experience to support children to uplift their English Language skills in a transformational way. The Camp runs in modules and children may join for single or multiple blocks. More details can be found HERE.

If a student requires full time English Language Learning support or a full-time student support tutor or aide, then parents are wholly responsible for sourcing and covering the costs of such learning support. Whenever possible, Green School will facilitate finding a tutor, but the final responsibility will lie with the parents. The School and the parents will agree on the final aide assigned.

The Green School Diploma

The path to becoming a Green School Graduate, Grades 11 and 12 

The Diploma program is a two year program and requires entry at the beginning of Grade 11. This gives students the opportunity to build their individualised pathway to graduation within the framework of the Diploma credit requirements. This rich program offers high levels of choice and opportunities to activate projects along the way that can be a powerful springboard to opportunities beyond graduation.

In certain circumstances new enrolments may be approved for joining in Semester Two  of Grade 11. In exceptional circumstances a new enrolment may be approved at the beginning of Grade 12. These exceptions would be on a case-by-case special review and would only be granted where we felt the student would make an outstanding addition to the culture and community and would be a perfect fit (for the student and the school).

Students who had previously been enrolled in the school will be reviewed with preference if applying to return part way through the Diploma program. 

All families enrolling a child in the Diploma program make a two year enrolment commitment. There is no provision to withdraw enrolment part-way through the two year program.

Applications to the Diploma Program are given special review by our High School Team and we encourage parents and students applying to carefully review the information on this program and our Alumni stories on our website. All applicant families will receive the Green School Bali High School Handbook for review.

Billing Cycle

All the due dates for tuition fee payments

Families can choose to pay full year or by semester. Options for the method of payment of tuition fees are provided along with your invoice. The table below sets out the tuition payment deadlines, depending on your enrolment start date.  

Enrolment Cycle (when enrolment offers are made) Tuition Fee Deadline (if starting enrolment in  Semester 1) Tuition Fee Deadlines (if starting enrolment in 

Semester 2)

Round 1 Enrolment Offers 15 March 15 September
Round 2 Enrolment Offers 15 April 15 October
Round 3 Enrolment Offers 15 May 15 November

Deferring Enrolment

Plans can change and we can give you options

If you have been made an offer and have accepted and paid the Application, Registration and Refundable Deposit fees, you have the option to defer enrolment, if needed, up to the final deadline to pay Tuition Fees on 15 May (for August 2022 starting). From this point, requests for deferral or withdrawal may not be accommodated.

Withdrawal of Enrolment

You will need to give us some notice

In the case that a new family withdraws enrolment prior to the final Round 3 deadline on 1 May, the School will refund the Refundable Deposit as well as Tuition Fees. Where a withdrawal is advised after this deadline, the School is not obligated to refund any fees paid.

The minimum enrolment period is two semesters, except for Early Years which requires a minimum of one semester and Grade 11/12 which requires a two year commitment. Withdrawal within the minimum enrolment period does not allow for the refund of any tuition or fees paid for the period of the first two semesters of enrolment.

‘Force Majeure’

Our commitments in the event of something unthinkable  

Should the school be permanently closed down, the School will endeavor to reimburse any undelivered services in line with legal contractual precedence. This means prior to refunding any tuition fees we would fulfil our obligation to make payments to teachers and other parties that may take legal precedence over tuition fees. In this event we would also expect the fulfilment of these obligations would be completed over a 12 month period.

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