Our Learning Philosophy

The world our children will inherit is changing faster than any time in history. For our children to prosper and humankind to flourish, we need a new kind of education. The ‘Green School Way’ is a way to look at Education with a progressive lens. It is not rejecting all the conventions of education, rather keeping the principles and methodologies that work, but around them, building a new model of education.

Green School’s mission of “a community of learners making our world sustainable” sets the core philosophy of why and how the School educates. Our Learning Programme aims to prepare learners for the real world by equipping them with knowledge, values and skills to navigate an ever-changing world. Beyond that, it empowers them to make an impact, not in the future, but now.

 “At Green School we strive to help our students understand the value of what they learn. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of learning that doesn’t stop at the classroom, but matures into a future full of passion and opportunities.”


The Green School Way of Learning

At Green School, we believe that learning should be meaningful, joyful, and reflective of the world we live in. Our learning programme has been designed by educational experts keeping exactly that in mind. The Green School’s dynamic interdisciplinary approach is grounded in real-world sustainability challenges and provides future-focused and rigorous academic pathways. Green School’s signature Green Literacies Framework, builds the fluency necessary for success as we transition to a more sustainable future for ourselves and the planet. This ground-breaking learning experience sets a new bar for the future of education.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is simply ‘learning by doing’ rather than just through books and instructions. This hands-on approach engages students to own their own learning journey, and pushes our educators to create programmes that ensure student involvement & engagement, through creative teaching approaches. We also know that the most impactful learning experiences happen when students (and the whole community) are able to activate their learning and impact the world.

Proficiency-Based Learning

Our learning programs have strong Literacy, Mathematics, and Science components within our Proficiency-Based Learning. Being knowledgeable and having strong ‘academic skills’ are prerequisites for changing mindsets and equipping our students with critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that are essential in today’s world.

Interdisciplinary Thematic-Based Learning

Interdisciplinary learning incorporates all subjects, Mathematics, Science, Literacy, Art, History, and Music into a single Unit. We believe Learning Programmes shouldn’t be set up as distinct, unrelated units or classes. The world is a complex network of interconnected systems, and learning programmes need to reflect that real world.

How We Learn

 Our learning is guided by Green School Principles, which are core shared beliefs about how to nurture powerful, sustainable and impactful learning experiences. We believe learning is most impactful when it is REAL. Our pedagogical belief is that we learn & grow best when experiences are:

Relationship Centred & Holistic

Green School prioritizes and sustains relationships between all learners, their environment, and their community. Our programs are holistic and engage the whole person including the social-emotional, intrapersonal, intellectual and kinesthetic connections.

Experiential & Evolving

We know students learn better through experiential learning, or ‘Learning by doing’. Our living curriculum adapts to the evolving needs of learners, so that students take ownership of their own learning journeys by being involved in it every step of the way.

Authentic & Action Oriented

We believe learning should be driven by realworld needs and the prospect of a sustainable future. But also by the ambitions of our learners, who are empowered to follow their passions and take action to create a positive impact in their surroundings.

Local to Global

Our learners come from all corners of the world and deeply immerse themselves in their local surroundings, enabling them to interact with local communities so that they become aware of the local culture, traditions as well as work with the local communities to expand their awareness and understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

What We Learn


Green School’s learning programme follows a uniquely designed continuum of learning objectives that are designed to provide a foundation for learners to develop their knowledge and skills through challenging and integrated experiences that align with our REAL learning principles. Students explore the connections between disciplines as much as possible through our three frames of learning.


Green School Skills are defined competencies that provide a structured guide for individual skills development. We use them as the backbone for all that we teach and learn. These competencies are interdisciplinary, transferable and timeless, and also vary from person to person or place to place.


As a community, we subscribe, teach, model, and honor a set of values – iRESPECT values – that guide us through the challenges of today. Values such as responsibility, empathy, and equality are what we believe to be of paramount importance as children continue to shape their understanding of the world as an individual and as part of a larger community.

Learning Neighbourhoods

 Early Years

PreK – Kindy

Primary School

Grade 1 – 5

Middle School

Grade 6 – 8

High School

Grade 9 – 12

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