Now more than ever, the world needs changemakers making our planet sustainable


At Green School, our mission is to nurture changemakers with a passion and a relentless commitment to make our world sustainable. We believe each one of our students has a unique potential to affect change and make a difference.

Whether that’s through starting their own permaculture farms, setting off a global movement to ban plastic, advocating for climate change right out of college or following their passion to pursue a university degree.


Meet some of our changemakers and hear how their ideas are shaping the world.

After graduating from Green School Bali in 2013, Leslie completed a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Environment & Resource Management. She now works as an Associate Investment officer at PT Mekar Investama Sampoerna in Jakarta, where she introduced a program to reduce plastic waste and electricity consumption. With the support of her colleagues Leslie managed to have the new policies implemented at her workplace.

Leslie Mouradian-Driehuizen

Isabelle Segadelli was among Green School Bali’s second graduating class. Following her graduation in 2014, Isabelle was accepted to Antioch University on a full tuition scholarship. She studied biomedical science and then enrolled in a nursing program. She graduates in 2020 and will enter the medical profession at a time when the world needs her the most.

Isabelle Segadelli

After graduating from Green School Bali in 2015, Adam Handoko did an internship at Green School’s social enterprise, the Bio Bus Bali, for six months. During his time in Bali, Adam also actively volunteered at Bye-Bye Plastic Bag, a youth-driven movement to tackle plastic waste issues in Bali, founded by fellow Green School Bali alumnus, Melati and Isabel Wijsen. Currently, Adam Handoko finds himself occupied with his role as a personal assistant to the owners of Seven Stones Indonesia, and aspires to become a sales agent/property specialist in the near future.

Adam Handoko

Growing up, Tessa had a passion for teaching arts, singing and sustainability. While at Green School Tessa was a local scholarship student and understood how learning a foriegn language can open up new worlds and possibilities. Upon graduation, Tessa along with her father built an organization and a school Kampoeng English, to offer English lessons to underprivileged children so they can access opportunities and follow their dreams.

Teshalonika Krisanti

Upon graduating from Green School Bali, Maxwell was accepted to the prestigious Cornell University, ranked among the best universities in the world. Following the completion of his degree Maxwell joined the Social Enterprise Group at Cornell, where he is a Project Manager. In the future, he hopes to return to Indonesia to tackle his country’s pressing socioeconomic and environmental issues.

Maxwell Hidajat

Dillon Carpenter graduated from the first graduating class of Green School Bali back in 2013. During his time as a student, at just 14 years old, Dillon became a Bumi Sehat Foundation volunteer for a local disaster relief and co-founded Village Responder, an organization that helps communities and individuals become strong, self-reliant, and responsible for their own well-being. After graduating from Green School, Dillon took on a journey to study pre-medicine in the United States. Now, Dillon is working full-time as a medical and dive instructor in Indonesia.

Dillon Carpenter

Growing up, Kyla Langotsky lived in both New York and Bali, Indonesia. During her time as a student at Green School Bali, Kyla was actively involved as a Social Media and Outreach Coordinator for the social enterprise, Bio Bus Bali. After graduating in 2017, Kyla studied at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she is currently completing her final year of study. Early in 2020, Kyla has had the chance to co-teach a class on permaculture with our High School teacher, Kyle King, for the Green School students.

Kyla Langotsky

Two years before graduating from Green School Bali, Ruby discovered her passion for environmental activism. She began practicing minimalism and a zero-waste lifestyle and wanted to inspire others to do the same. Today Ruby runs a popular blog documenting her life-long commitment to living minimally. In addition to her blog, Ruby works as a campaigner at the Climate Justice Initiative.

Ruby Bourke

At just 2 years old, Sweania Betzeba Delisa knew she wanted to be a professional swimmer. During her time as a local scholarship student at Green School Bali, Sweania joined the Bali International Triathlon and took the winning 1st place in the Under 19 category. After graduating in 2017, Sweania continues her passion for swimming and triathlon, and has ventured into other interests such as dancing, singing, and modelling.

Sweania Betzeba Delisa

Achintya Nilsen, or Tya as people would call her, graduated from Green School in 2017. Simultaneously, Tya participated and was named Miss Indonesia 2017, who represented the Province of West Nusa Tenggara and continued to represent Indonesia in Miss World 2017, where she was successfully placed in the Top 10. In recent years, Tya Nilsen has launched her own project, “Give them a Future”, where the mission is to help and provide opportunities for the communities in Bali, as a way to lift up their life out of poverty.

Achintya Nilsen

Having been raised in Australia until she was seven years old, Reo Palmer instantly felt that her heart belonged to Bali when she moved here. When speaking upon her experience at Green School Bali, Reo expressed that it was one of the best decisions she has made in her life, “I would say it has been a great combination of self-motivation and compassion, and the Green School has been the best supporter and provider of information and resources.” With something that began at 12 years old, through a camera as a gift from her dad, Reo is now a professional photographer residing in Bali.

Reo Palmer

Achyuth Jaigopal chose music over architecture when the time came to make a decision. Reflecting upon his experience at Green School, there was a really good music program that has “enabled me to expand my musical ability because of all the different cultures and people of different backgrounds.” Achyuth also shares that Green School connected two passions of his life, nature and music. Soon after Achyuth graduated in 2014, he joined the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Achyuth Jaigopal

Ratri Notosudirdjo graduated from Green School Bali with the first graduating class in 2013. Growing up with a mother who was an etch artist and a dad who was an ethnomusicologist, Ratri developed a love for the arts, where for her, it was in painting. Not long after graduating, Ratri pursued a study in Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands. Growing up in Indonesia, Ratri expressed that “the social, environmental, economic and political stresses have become evident. But if art is used correctly, it can be a powerful force to help drive us in the right direction. I would like to return to this country and strengthen the connection of our diverse web of artists and create ways of bettering our livelihoods as a unit.”

Ratri Notosudirdjo

Isami Said Rashid was a member of the first ever graduating class of Green School in 2013 and attended Green School from the beginning as a founding student. With his passion and love for music, he started a band, Nasi Campur, with his classmates, a multicultural band whose members came from different traditions and cultures. Today, Isami continues to write and share incredible music around the world from Tanzania, to the USA, to Bali, and around Indonesia. He is a musician and activist, working to fundraise and raise awareness about the burning in Borneo.

Isami Said Rashid

Nicholas was in the first-ever grade 8 class at Green School Bali. He could only spend one year here, but it had a profound impact on his journey. He shares: “I only felt the true impact Green School Bali had on me after I left. It’s where I developed my own interpretation of what sustainability meant to me and what my personal journey with sustainability would be.” Today, Nicholas is studying Design at IE University, where he was able to spend an exchange abroad in Mexico. In Mexico, he discovered a variety of cactus that are widely harvested, and together with some friends who shared his passion for sustainability, they have launched a line of locally-sourced wallets made of cactus bio-leather: Tumbao.

Nicholas Saye


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