Green School Bali Open Days

Immerse Yourself in a Green School Experience

Prospective families are invited to join us for an immersive Open Day to get a sense of the Green School Experience. You will get a tour of our unique campus, meet our learning leaders, have a chat with some current Green School parents, and learn more about living in Bali.

No matter where you are in the application process, we invite children of all ages and their parents to this fun learning experience.

Upcoming Virtual Open Days:

Monday, 30 November, 2020

9.00am Bali Time (+8 UTC)  Bali Time or 3.00pm (+8 UTC) Bali Time

This is your chance to dive deeper into the Green School experience, learning programmes, life in Bali, and to get the inside scoop on how some new families got to Bali and are settling in. Joining the conversation will be Sal Gordon, Head of Teaching and Learning and Kate Druhan, Head of Community and Environment, as well as Green School parents . We will have updates on our current response to COVID-19 challenges, as well as visa and travel updates.

Our virtual Open Day will include a campus tour, and a Q&A session will complete the event. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Nurture & Inspire

The Bridge in the Middle

Lighting a Fire

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