Learning Through Play

In our Early Years programme, children are drawn in by the circular bamboo classrooms and colorful play structures made from sustainable materials. The air in the Early Years learning centre fills with laughter and joyful squeals of Geckos (ages 3-4), Starlings (ages 4-5) and Kindergarteners (ages 5-6) from around the globe; culminating to a 3-year curriculum catered to early childhood.

Our play-based program sparks children’s natural curiosity and instills the joy of learning through singing, dancing, art, storying-telling, cultural celebrations, yoga/mindfulness, green studies, and excursions around our awe-inspiring campus.

We foster holistic development – physical, social-emotional, language, cognitive, creative, cultural – through our Three Frames of Learning (thematic, proficiency, and experiential). For deeper explanation into our early childhood programmes, watch our video.

Green School’s Early Years programme is designed for children to be able to learn through play and grow from the diversity of their community. Students blend wonderfully with their peers and with nature to create a memorable journey of their childhood.

Special Activities

Budaya Indonesia:

We introduce Indonesian culture through puppets, folklore, games, songs, activities, and cultural celebrations.

  • Indonesian Assembly: performing cultural dances, plays, and songs in Bahasa Indonesia
Jalan-Jalan (Go travelling)

Students explore the wonders of their surroundings through field trips related to the Thematics (integrated units) taught in the classroom. Activities include:

  • Making chocolate at a family-run business across the river
  • Doing batik at a nearby art centre
  • Planting and harvesting at the Kul Kul Farm
Getting Our Hands Dirty
  • Trash Walk: Being active members of our local community by raising awareness about recycling and reducing waste
  • Mud Pit: Playing in the mud and experiencing the joy of getting dirty
  • Cooking Class: harvesting and/or buying ingredients, and then cooking both Indonesian or western dishes
  • Rice Field: planting, caring for and harvesting rice in our on-campus rice-fields.

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