We are thrilled to announce that UNESCO has recognised Green School Bali’s Bio Bus as a ‘Green Citizen.’ In 2015, students and faculty at Green School Bali launched the Bio Bus – Indonesia’s first 100% biofuel-powered transportation system, to contain our carbon footprint, and also address the environmental and health risks of used cooking oil in Bali.

The UNESCO Green Citizen aims to shed light on projects and bring together the energies of local and international actors of change worldwide to give wings to local innovative, impactful, and replicable projects for the planet. At Green School we study, work, live, and play with an awareness of the impact of our thinking and decisions. It is through the Bio Bus that our community strives to promote biodiesel for greener mobility, in our local community and beyond. 

“Indeed, Biofuels have their drawbacks, especially with regard to large scale land usage. However, here at Green School Biofuel has shown to be an outstanding solution to local issues of transportation, waste and education.” – Kyle King, Head of High School and Director of Bio-Bus

Today, the Bio Bus is more than just a transportation system; it is a learning centre and a space where our students work collaboratively with local community schools, collecting used cooking oil and exchanging knowledge about biofuel. The Bio Bus is a powerful example of the impact that student-centered, community-minded, entrepreneurial problem solving can make, to make our world sustainable

We congratulate our students & community for being recognized for their efforts to make our planet sustainable.

This is Green School. A School for Now. 

Read more about the Bio Bus story here: https://www.greenschool.org/bali/support-us/biobus/