Educating for Sustainability


Through education programs, young people and educators can make a real difference. Green School is committed to sharing its expertise and services to local communities in a way that allows them to lead the way.  A community-driven language and sustainability after-school program provides young people with the skills they need to make a difference. They are motivated to master English language and empowered and supported to tackle bigger challenges. With a focus on waste reduction, reuse and recycling, these children are leading change one household, one community, one village at a time.

Local teachers and university students are skilled in eco-literacy through training and practicums delivered by Green School. Through this and our youth programs, we are building a community of learners, providing support and inspiration, infusing sustainability awareness and practices into education and into daily life.

Local to Global

Three key initiatives combine to touch the lives of hundreds of Indonesian Change Makers: 

  1. On request from our neighbours, Green School delivers English language classes to over 270 Balinese children every week.
  2. Young Balinese activists are supported to raise awareness of environmental challenges and solutions by using the performing arts as a platform for activism and to represent the voice of Indonesian youth at national and international conferences on climate change.
  3. Educators and interns are equipped to bring eco-literacy into local educational curriculums through comprehensive Green Educator training.


Creative Solutions

Performing arts provides a highly engaging platform for young people to connect with each other and become activists. In the deeply artistic nation of Indonesia, students of the Kul Kul Connection program are putting a new spin on tradition by using the dramatic arts to send a powerful message on waste and the environment.

Students create their own screenplay and unique costumes out of recycled material that they have collected from Green School’s recycling centre.

Plastic bags that otherwise would have ended up in landfills are used to create couture gowns. This production tours local and international schools in Indonesia to create momentum and a youth movement for positive change.

This is one shining example of the optimistic and creative potential of young people. With a little support, these initiatives can create real and much needed generational change.

Impact and Positive Change

The Indonesian Change Maker program is a powerful example of the impact that community involvement and real world student-centered learning can have in making our world sustainable.

  • 271 KKC students enrolled in Kul Kul Connection in 2017/2018
  • Over two tonnes of trash collected through the ‘trash for class’ program
  • 65 schools in Bali represented in Kul Kul Connection student body
  • Kul Kul Connection has offered educational programs for over 80 local teachers since 2016
  • Two Kul Kul Connection students and one local scholar student joined a delegation of students that represented Green School at COP23 in Bonn, Germany
  • Over 750 liters of used cooking oil collected by Kul Kul Connection team and students in from September to December 2017
  • Over 20 University Students have completed their practicum experience through Kul Kul Connection English and Ecoliteracy Classes
  • Involved in over 10 local conferences, raising awareness in Bali, Indonesia, and globally regarding the importance of environmental education for Indonesian children and waste management solutions