“The most remarkabble thing at Green School is the love that’s been invested by the people, the families, the faculty and especially the kids. There’s so much energy and talent. And for anybody that’s considering sending their kids to school here it’s different from other school where your kids are going to assigned a number and a desk and show up and you do exactly what you’re told. Here, if you have an idea, to do something that is outside the box, that idea is going to be fostered and nurtured rather than pushed in.”

Michael Franti, eco-musician, poet, and social activist continues to engage and inspire Green School’s student with his inspiring presence at our bamboo school. His first led Bali’s greenest music event, the Soulshine Festival at Green School in 2013 which benefits our local scholarship programme and Bumi Sehat’s birthing clinic. He continues to give his endless support to our Balinese student with several music concert fundraiser at Green School.