How everything is connected.

Just over the “fence” of Green School Bali (pass a small lake, a few incredible bamboo structures, and some chickens), you will find Green Camp.

Green Camp is a combination of bamboo accommodation, a bamboo wall-less hall, gardens and the Mepantigan (lots of mud for fun mud wrestling ), which welcomes children, families and school groups with a range of fun activities that will challenge campers physically, intellectually and emotionally.

One of our young campers explains in this video the motivation behind the drawings she made during the natural dyes activity held at Green Camp


How incredible it is to see the knowledge that this camper has at such an early age about the importance of loving the environment we live in. As we know, the education provided by Green School and the activities of Green Camp are focused towards creating awareness and living sustainably. As a result of their holistic education, incredible projects are created by the students and for the students.

The camper in this video was not only inspired by the sustainable practices and education provided by Green Camp, but also by Green School students’ initiatives, such as the project Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

The circle of influence, generated by this creative environment, reminds us of the recycle system/symbol.


Being immersed in green education and a green environment sparks creativity in students to find better solutions to save our planet. From these projects and conversations, children can influence others and the environment. The cycle goes on and expands, and with each individual playing their part, the circle of positive change, growths and strengthens.

When we “zoom in” to find direct influences as we see in this video, and then “zoom out” to see the big picture, we see how different cultures, countries, and organizations work. We can always find the pattern of the cycle of influence. As system theory states: “Changing one part of the system usually affects other parts and the whole system, with predictable patterns of behavior.” Systems thinking is an important cornerstone of Green Camp’s thematic programming.

As long as everyone is doing their part, basing actions on positive and sustainable values, we have a chance of changing the future to be a clean and beautiful one.

The article was written by Green Camp Bali.

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