This summer The Kul Kul Farm is offering a Living Soils Workshop facilitated by Paul Taylor from Trust Nature Australia mins away from our main Green School campus. During this 5 day intensive you will learn how to take an integrated approach to soil fertility that will help reduce costly inputs to your garden and improve the fertility of the soil leading to higher yields. This course will include lectures that demystify the science of soil fertility and microbiology, as well as hands-on workshops that teach you how to make good compost, brew liquid fertilizer, and prepare probiotic compost-tea. This will help to redefine sustainable agriculture as ‘the ability to improve production while reducing cost and improving soil fertility’.

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Learn this 3-part system as the path forward to improving your productive soils:

  1. Composting made easy: Trust Nature’s Bio-vital system
  2. Making soil pro-biotic: Soil microbiology made simple
  3. Making cost effective bio-fertilizers

Skills you will Learn:

•   How to grow food with less effort and less cost•   How to repair degraded soils biologically•   How to create ‘smells good compost’•   Understand soil life and plant nutrients•   Make your own organic fertilisers•   Essential knowledge for restoring soil vitality

Who should attend:

•   Anyone interested in affordable fresh food•   Permaculture people and consultants•   Home gardeners or want-to-be home gardeners•   Those involved in community gardens or would like to be•   Organic food producers and those interested in producing food for community

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More about Paul Taylor
Paul was raised on an organic farm and has been working with sustainable soil management for more than 30 years. Paul demystifies the complex sciences of soil microbiology and plant nutrition to bring you a cutting edge system of sustainable soil management. Find out more about him here.

Join us for 5 days of intensive gardening! Discounts are available for bookings before April 1st and for those booking in groups. We are also offering scholarships for Indonesians who can speak English for the full course, and a FREE 1-day workshop in Indonesian for locals. For more info on scholarships and discounts email For bookings click here. 

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The Kul Kul Farm
The farm is located 3 mins walk from Green School. It is being set up as a learning farm and education centre to bring established teachers and professionals like Paul to contribute and share their knowledge and expertise with our ever growing visitors, community and students. Learn more about the farm here.