If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?

A group of ten youth and two teachers from the Green School Community headed to Bonn, Germany on November 6-17, 2017 to join tens of thousands of people from around the globe in the Conferences of the Parties (COP) 23, the UN climate conference. Attending COP has been a part of the Green School annual calendar for the last few years. Previously, Green School delegations attended COP21 Paris in 2015 and COP22 Marrakech in 2016.  This continuous support for our students to attend the most important climate conference shows Green School’s commitment to education for sustainability and youth empowerment.

The chief goal of COP23 is to stabilize the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere to ensure a livable climate system for human beings. The November climate conference was attended by Heads of State and Ministers, CEOs of major corporates, civil society, and youth. Bonn was the hub of global climate action.


 “The youth of today are the most optimistic and creative people in the world. Giving them a voice in the discourse on climate change is essential. It is their future. Supporting them to take on the challenges and opportunities of the world today and the future is our responsibility. Equipping them with 21st-century skills through a progressive education must be our legacy. ”

Kate Druhan, Chair, Board of Management – Green School Bali

Green School’s delegation, represented the voice of youth and six different nationalities from across the Green School community. Green School’s Green Generation,  climate activism group comprised: Lucas DaRiva, William Vovers, Ruby Bourke, Daisy Janes, Shoya Santanda, Regan Williams, Gede Wijsen and Wellons Kochey. They represented Green School and gave life to the School’s Mission: A Community of Learners, Making Our World Sustainable.

Along with Green School Local Scholar student, Gede Wijsen, Diah Damayanti and Prema Ananda, members of the Green School community integration program Kul Kul Connection, represented the voice of Bali’s youth. Green School’s impacts went beyond the bamboo campus gates through support for local young change-makers to be the change they want to see in the world and to have a voice in decisions that impact their future. Green School was delighted to have the support of Qatar Airways this year, enabling our Kul Kul Connection student to be able to travel to Germany to participate in the COP 23 Conference. Prema Ananda’s presence in Germany further strengthened the Indonesian youth representation. Education is a cause close to the airline’s core beliefs and values.

(Video credit: Prema Ananda, Green School – Kul Kul Connection Student)

The youth delegation performed a unique performance about the struggle and complexity of conflict palm oil production in Indonesia at the main stage of COP23 and COY (Conference of Youth), Bonn International School and United World Colleges (UWC) Germany.

”The students developed the theme and wrote the script because they understand deeply the environmental impacts of unsustainable palm oil production in Indonesia particularly in Kalimantan and Sumatra. Their performance aims to raise awareness about the harms caused by unsustainable palm oil production and encourage people to reconsider using palm oil-based products and choose more environment-friendly options.“

Shawn O’Docharty, Performing Arts teacher – Green School Bali

Green School's delegation performing at COP23  Photo credit: Insook Park

Green School’s delegation performing at COP23
Photo credit: Insook Park

Gede Wijsen, a Green School Local Scholarship student, played an important role in songwriting and playing the musical instrument for the drama musical. Said Gede, “I believe that music can bring people together because music is like a universal language. When you listen or play music, you catch the feelings, and the message passes through. I want to use my music skills to bring people together and raise awareness about climate change, and a solution.”

Prema Ananda, Green School - Kul Kul Connection at COP23 Photo credit: Insook Park

Prema Ananda, Green School – Kul Kul Connection at COP23
Photo credit: Insook Park

Prema Ananda, Green School – Kul Kul Connection Balinese student was beyond thrilled to attend the COP23 for the very first time, “We were very excited to meet climate activists from all over the world and to have the chance to make strategic connections with people at the conference. Now coming back home, we would share our knowledge, experiences, and inspirations to the community here in Bali and Indonesia.”

This is Green School, we educate for sustainability and we activate a new generation of green leaders to take climate actions and fight for their future.

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