What is your name?

Kai Young Lee

How old are you and from which grade?

10 yrs old. 6th grade, skipped 5th grade.

How long have you been surfing for?

4 yrs

When did you start with this surf programme?

October, 2014

What do you enjoy most about surfing with this programme?

I enjoy the fact that we get to surf 4 times a week and that we go to lots of different surf spots around


What have you learnt since you began with this programme / how has your surfing changed?

I have learned how to carve more turns so that I don’t need to pump on the face of the wave.

Describe the surfing programme in three words:

Fun, awesome and unique

Would you like to be a professional surfer? Why or why not?

Yes, because you could enter the ASP and make money from being on magazines and wining comps.

Where is your dream surf destination and why?

The Mentawaiis because there are hundreds of breaks that vary from big to fun. The downside is that its

extremely crowded.

Who is your favorite surfer and why?

On the tour it is John John Florence because he is a really good surfer and has about 20 yrs before he

should retire. My favourite free surfer is Clay Marzo because he is really unique and does massive airs.

Do you have any surfing goals? Which?

My goals are to get sponsored and become a pro.