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Sep 11 2014

Green School Weekly News

Organised by GS parents.

Conversations about Finding Home will be a series of discussions on the topic of Third Cultural/Cross Cultural Kids (TCK/CCK) and their multi-cultural, globally mobile families. That’s us! We'll pick up the thread from last year and continue the exploration into the heart of this lifestyle and the impact that growing up internationally has on our children.

I’ll bring my 50+ years of subjective and objective experience from the perspective of an Adult TCK who is parenting a second generation of TCKs as well as my background in family development as we explore the wonderful gifts AND the more challenging aspects of growing up betwixt, between and across cultures. How do we best support our amazing children?

Come join the conversation. Bring your coffee, juice, questions and what you know about your family’s experience and add it to the mix. Monday mornings (15/9, 22/9) 08:45am at the bale across from the Science Lab.

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