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Apr 30 2015

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Workshops@GS presents Helping Kids Cope with Their Emotions | Presented by Marja Baseler | Wednesday, 13 May | 08.45am | Yoga Studio

Children are confronted with issues that adults often overlook or are oblivious of. At times, do you find it hard to understand their behaviour, and vice versa? These feelings of uncertainty and anxiety are indeed part and parcel of growing up, yet can certainly get out of hand we are dealing with our own personal pressures. Marja will introduce you to a method for kids she developed on how they can learn to show their emotions in a mutually considerate way. With their specially designed programme 'How do you feel today?' they help children to identify and express emotions and verbalise their mental pain or trauma.

For example, children boarding at the institute of deaf children Karya Kasih in Ambon, Indonesia don't speak about their feelings or express themselves. When they feel sad or angry, they just smile. Yet when intensively practiced and thoroughly explained, they actively participated in drawing their feelings. Many children now drew sad faces representing how they miss their parents and siblings instead of just smiling. Later on,they were then able to discuss what they can do when they feel angry, anxious or sad.

About Presenter

Marja Baseler is a teacher and writer from the Netherlands. She develops a program to empower children in difficult situations by giving them the tools to express their feelings and help them to achieve their goals in life. Last year, Marja has done her pilot in Ambon, Indonesia, working with schools and orphanages on the island to train the teachers and help the children with their emotions. She uses specially designed Emotion Cards.

Cost of the event: Donation based. All proceeds will go to the Kul-Kul Connections fund. Further questions? Write to us at

Workshops@GS: Membantu Mengatasi Emosi Anak | Oleh Marja Baseler | Rabu, 13 Mei | 08.45 WITA | Yoga Studio

Anak-anak dihadapkan dengan berbagai situasi dan kondisi yang sering diabaikan oleh orang tua. Mungkin Anda merasa sulit untuk memahami perilaku mereka. Memang hal ini merupakan bagian dari tumbuh kembang anak. Marja akan memperkenalkan Anda sebuah metode untuk mengatasi masalah ini. Program ini dirancang khusus untuk membantu anak-anak mengidentifikasi dan mengekspresikan emosi mereka.

Tentang Presenter

Marja Baseler adalah guru dan penulis dari Belanda. Dia mengembangkan sebuah program untuk memberdayakan anak-anak dalam situasi sulit dengan memberi alat untuk mengekspresikan perasaan dan membantu mereka untuk mencapai tujuan mereka. Tahun lalu, Marja telah melakukan proyeknya di Ambon, Indonesia, bekerja sama dengan sekolah-sekolah dan panti asuhan untuk melatih para guru dan membantu anak-anak dengan set alat bernama kartu emosi.

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