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Jun 07 2015

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The earthquake in Nepal over last weekend was a catastrophic tragedy and the entire Jane Goodall Institute family around the globe is thinking about our Roots & Shoots members, and everyone in Nepal as they manage through the aftermath, especially as many places requiring aid are difficult to reach.

At this point, through JGI-Nepal relief efforts by Manoj Gautam, JGI-Nepal's executive director and his brother Prabin are under way in local villages where Roots & Shoots has a presence. Specifically, they are assessing needs in areas including Bandipur, Nagarkot and the Jambu. Their efforts include, in the short term, sourcing and distribution of food, water , medicine and fuel, as well as helping provide temporary shelter with tents. In the long term, they will focus on helping rebuild and repair houses. They have already been able to source some supplies and have begun distributing them.

Individuals interested in providing support can visit JGI-Nepal's website to make donations. Each of us can make a difference in our own way by learning about the details of the crisis, sharing the story through our individual connections in person, online, etc... and encouraging everyone we meet to do their part to help.

Gempa bumi di Nepal merupakan bencana besar. Seluruh keluarga besar jane Goodall Institute bersimpati akan aggota kami disana. Sejauh ini Manoj Gautam, direktur eksekutif JGI-Nepal dan saudaranya telah melakukan survei ke lokasi lokasi kejadian dan melakukan riset untuk mengetahui kebutuhan masyarakat seperti: makanan, air, bahan bakar, dan obat. Dalam jangka waktu lama, tim akan merencanakan perbaikan bangunan yang rusak di Nepal. Individu yang tertarik untuk membantu dapat mengunjungi situs JGI-Nepal.

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