The Tensegrity Buckyball Challenge

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Jun 18 2015

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The Tensegrity Buckyball challenge came to High School one week ago and captured the interest of kids, teachers and parents.


In recent weeks John Hardy has been experimenting with tensegrity structures and domes. It seems he draws upon this inspiration from his memories of Buckminster Fuller in Bali. In fact he recalls a specific situation where he came across Fuller in a meditative state in one of his famous “Buckyballs”.


Similarly, our team experienced trance like moments during the construction of the Buckyball kit that John Hardy shared with Green School. We considered and deliberated on many different ways to configure the 12:20 pentagon to hexagon ratio out of the 120 sticks of bamboo that was delivered to Green School.


During the week long project there were many different hands involved, but none more prominent than that of a particular student from Germany who claimed, “this is a real learning experience and not many people get the chance to do this nor would be able to do this!”


The Buckyball is displayed on the soccer field in front of the tent. It is held together by opposing force cable tension and requires no fastenings. It is truly a remarkable structure. Go have a look!


Pak Kyle King
High School Math & Grade 12 Homeroom Teacher

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