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Jun 05 2015

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The Bali Culture from Birth through Marriage until Death Workshop | Organised by Ibu Ika, the president of Yayasan Kul-Kul and presented by Ibu Susi | Friday, June 12 | 08.45am | Sangkep

During our next workshop of Bali Culture we would like to introduce you to a set of the beautiful ceremonies and thoughts behind them. These are held to those who are alive and seek to protect and purify the individual from the time that the body is first formed womb until, but not including death.

In Balinese life known as Upetti, Stitti and Pralina, or translated as "Birth, Life and Death”, these ceremonies belong to Manusa Yadnya and Pitra Yadnya.

About Our Presenter

Ibu Susi (Ni Ketut Susilawati) has been working in the Bali tourist industry for the past 16 years as tour guide and 10 years as handicraft exporter spreading the Bali culture to many who came. For the following years she would like do something more where she could make people cheer up and smile!

Cost of the event is donation based. All proceeds will go to the Kul-Kul Connections fund. Further questions? Write to us at

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