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Jun 05 2015

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Green School’s Performing Arts presents our end of the year theater festival. Starting this Friday night with the Kul-Kul Connection High School English student presentation of Cinderella, we kick off a series of wonderful student performances. Please mark your calendars and help to celebrate the work our students have done in Performing Arts this semester. If you have a student in grades 3 through 8, make sure you note the time and place of his or her show. Here are the details of the upcoming events. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!


June 5 | Kul Kul Connection High School Play: Cinderella | 05.00pm | Sangkep

June 8 | Grade 6 & 8 Productions: Dragon of the Wind and Silence of the Wolves | 04.00pm | Drama Room

June 9| Grade 5B: Alice's Adventures With Idioms | 02.15pm | Drama Room

June 11 | All Day (grades 3, 4, & 7)

  • Grade 3A and 4A Performances: Character Matters and Tales of the Chinese Zodiac | 09.30-10.25am | Drama Room
  • Grade 3B and 4B Performances: Character Matters and Tales of the Chinese Zodiac | 02.10-03.15pm | Drama Room
  • Grades 7A and 7B: King Arthur's Calamity and
    The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood | 04.00pm | Drama Room

June 12 | Grade 5A: Pirates of Grammar Island | 11.15am | Drama Room

June 16 | Middle School Productions | Noble Material: The Plastic Musical | 06.30pm | Sangkep

June 17

  • Voena Middle School Choir Performance (on tour and visiting from the San Francisco Bay Area | 04.00pm | Sangkep
  • Middle School Production | Noble Material: The Plastic Musical | 06.30pm | Sangkep

Please see separate article to learn more about Noble Material. Also note that dinner will be sold before each Noble Material performance and on June 17th, at 04.00pm (before our musical) a wonderful Middle School choir from the San Francisco Bay area will be performing for our community for free. Entrance to the Musical will be 50.000 at the door.

For more information please email Ibu Sarita

Ibu Sarita Pockell
Performing Arts Teacher

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