Noble Material: The Plastic Musical World Premier

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Jun 05 2015

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Green School Performing Arts' latest large-scale production is an original musical about the existential and physical journey of plastic from its invention to its ocean fate. Noble Material is a Middle School project designed to give students a deep understanding of the Big History of our plastic predicament while offering a lively, challenging and inspiring performance opportunity. The musical has brought together a large community of artists, activists, writers, dancers, builders, sewers and resource enthusiasts with a shared interest in addressing the issues of plastic through Arts Integration.

Our production is full of delights, emotions, and surprises and our goal is to help the audience consider our part in the history and the fate of our planet...and also to have a great time! This is a show for the entire family and, yes, a Green School World Premiere. Please mark your calendars, Noble Material will show for two nights only!

"If you're gonna use something then throw it away,
Use something that breaks down in hours or days...
Not me, NO WAY, I'm way too strong!
1000 years and I'll carry on
I'm sick of you and and your single use
Your discriminatory resource abuse..." (From the song "One Time")


Show-times (Dinner will be sold before the show)

June 16

  • 06.30pm | Middle School Production | Sangkep | Noble Material: The Plastic Musical | 50.000 Rupiah at the door

June 17

  • 04.00pm | Voena Middle School Choir Performance (on tour and visiting from the San Francisco Bay Area)
  • 06.30pm | Middle School Production | Sangkep | Noble Material: The Plastic Musical | 50.000 Rupiah at the door


To read more about The Noble Material Project and the North Pacific Garbage Patch click here. To support our students online, please like the facebook page

Noble Material is based on the 12th century Persian Poem "Conference of the Birds" by Farid Ud-Din Attar and was particularly influenced by a beautiful, child-friendly adaptation of this sacred and meaningful poem by Peter Sis. Middle School Parent, Audrey Shabbas has copies of this wonderful book for lend and sale if you are wishing to explore some of our source material with your children.

The Music was composed by Sarita Pockell and the stage play was written by Sarita, Matthew Kline, Nicola Unite, and the Middle School Cast Members. All costumes and set have been made with resources from Kembali. Students created all of the costumes during challenge week under the guidance of Kerri Berri as well as our set with the help of Pauline O'Brian and Eszter and Zoltan BarĂ¡th. Sophie Daubisse has been our fearless Choreographer. Alexa Bauer has donated hours of her creativity to ourcostume creations as well.

It takes a village to create this kind of magic! We can't
wait to share it with you.

Ibu Sarita Pockell
Performing Arts Teacher

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