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Jun 05 2015

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Meaningful Monday Morning | June 8th | 08.45am | Yoga Studio

Come watch the Italian film “Bread and Tulips”, 3d in the ‘Women in Film’ festival during June 8th’s Meaningful Monday Morning.

This warmhearted comedy about love, family and friendship stars Licia Maglietta as Rosalba, a middle-aged woman who impulsively takes a vacation from her family. She hitch-hikes to Venice and falls for the lonely, suicidal Icelandic waiter/poet Bruno Ganz, while rediscovering her smile and joy for life. This beautifully shot story of second chances may not be the first of its kind (think: Shirley Valentine), but that doesn’t make it any less lovely or enchanting. Taking place in Italy’s magical city of love, Director Silvio Soldini turns the tourist mecca of piazzas, canals and stone bridges into a quaint little village from a different time, sweeping everyone at the Italian film awards off their feet and charming all of Europe.

Click here to know more about the film.

Ibu Audrey Shabbas
Green School Parent

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