The Future of The Bio Bus

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Jun 05 2015

Green School Weekly News

The Bio Bus has been created this year: we had an idea and we made that happen. As we are nearing the end of the school year there have been some ideas floating around. A big part of the current team is going to graduate and will be leaving, so we are searching for new recruits.

We are planning on expanding the bus service. We are planning to have more than one bus by next year. With more busses we will be able to expand our routes to Canggu and maybe even have an extra route to Ubud, but if we are going to this we are going to need help from the community.

We are searching for people, who are willing to commit to the project. The team is looking for 3 devoted people to help in the communication/marketing and development/legal area of the project.

We are also looking for 2 committed people who are willing to supervise on the bus, supervisors (with or without children) ride for free (kids of supervisors ride for free too). If you are interested or have any further enquirers please email us at

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