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Jun 05 2015

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You might have heard the news about the smuggling of highly protected cockatoos in Indonesia recently. The poor birds were smuggled inside water bottles to hide them from the authorities.

Mehd Halaouate, Begawan Foundation’s Breeding and Release Manager, travelled to Surabaya on behalf of World Parrot Trust on May 14th to find out more about the state of the captured birds.

He soon realised that these birds were not yellow-crested cockatoos (Cacatua Sulphurea sp.), but medium sulphur-crested cockatoos (Cacatua Galerita Eleonora). Out of 21 cockatoos stuffed inside water bottles, 10 had already died when they were discovered by the police and another three died of stress within the next two days. Luckily we also have some good news as 8 cockatoos are safe in the care of Maharani Zoo just outside Surabaya.

Click here to see the full report of Mehdi’s trip to the Maharani Zoo and the story of this attempted smuggling.

Our hope is that the eight surviving cockatoos get to live a long and happy life, and once recovered, may safely be released.

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