Pan Trinity Das and Kyrie Maezumi Visit Green School

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Jun 05 2015

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The High School Visual Arts department has been full of colour and excitement these past few weeks with the visit of internationally acclaimed artists Pan Trinity Das and Kyrie Maezumi. Who is this duo? Pan has been compared to iconic street artists Banksy and Shepherd Fairey and just like them he’s got a strong message. Pan uses his talent to attract attention to environmental causes and the profound need for love in the world. And as he does so, he tunes into his own heart to open the eyes, minds, and hearts of those around him. Kyrie is a composer, singer and songwriter (check out her group, "Peep and the Shivers... amazing!). On an interesting side note, Kyrie is the daughter of the late Zen Buddhist master Taizan Maezumi.


High School students were fortunate enough to have Pan bring his unique style to Green School Portfolio Class. At this level of study, students are quite often on a path of individually exploring their own ideas and establishing themselves as emerging artists. Working with Pan and Kyrie gave the students the opportunity to discuss ideas and avenues of work available post High School.

So what type of art work did the students actually create? Armed with a handful of paint filled egg shells, students (and Ibu Jen) took aim at a canvas and watch the splatter of colour fill the white space! And the reponse...?



“I loved this project and getting uncomfortable with the materials we were using. I don’t usually work like that and it was a wake-up call for me to have the confidence to work in new styles”.


“It was interesting to combine different materials and work together on a collaborative piece. It bought a lot more meaning and emotion to the art work because we were all so involved and wanting the final composition to show individual parts of ourselves however belonging to a much larger work”


“It was refreshing because the egg throwing allowed the release of emotions. There was no planning however the composition came together as one”.


“Unplanned, spontaneous and fun!”

Pan and Kyrie are currently crossing the globe as part of an exciting world street art tour that began earlier this year.

“We're hitting India, Thailand, Bali, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada, and the list of environmental NGOs that we’re collaborating with is still growing," he tells Ibu Jen.


His work is all for spreading the message of love in paint. As the creator of Spiritual POP! Art, his bold graphics and ability to respond artistically to the environment he is in, never fails to draw a crowd. Everywhere he paints, people love him— and we are so thankful he took the time to come and share his talent and enthusiasm with us.


“My brand of Spiritual POP! Art is just an embodiment of my activism,” he continues. “Shepherd Fairey speaks about art being taken out of elitist galleries and placed in the street, void of censorship, to represent a voice for the people. Where Shepherd Fairey and Banksy often use their wit and humor to caution the public — which I endorse and utilize — I concentrate my efforts on spreading love and popularizing spiritual iconography.”


Ibu Jen
Middle & High School Arts Teacher

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