From Scholars, To Change Makers

Indonesia is facing some of the biggest environmental challenges in the world. From waste issues, access to clean water, large-scale deforestation to air pollution. Education of children must be part of the solution. It is their future.

There is good reason to be optimistic. The youth of Indonesia and taking action. The Green School Local Scholar Program supports motivated  children to become leaders and changemakers in their communities, their country and globally.  Supporting this program is one way we can join these young changemakers in their quest to preserve and enhance the island of Bali and beyond.

Change A Life
Sponsor A Balinese Student

Would you like the opportunity to support and follow the learning journey of a special Change Maker? With the blessing of our Local Scholar Students and their families, you have the opportunity directly support an individual child. Donors are invited to connect and follow the student’s journey throughout their education, right through to being their special guest at their Green School graduation.

Together, we can make a difference in the world, one child at a time.

It is very important to us that the relationship is positive and empowering for both donor and student. This is our commitment.  To directly change the life of a young Balinese Change Maker, please contact Kania, our Chief of Philanthropy, who manages this program with love and respect

10 years of activating Balinese children to become green leaders

Green School understands and embraces the environmental challenges facing our world today. We are committed to being at the vanguard of creating a campus and community, committed to sustainability. With students leading the way, we are making an impact.

The school Bio Bus service runs on used cooking oil, reducing CO2 emissions by 3.5 tonnes per month. 900+kg of waste is collected each month, rather than ending up in water-ways and burn piles. Classrooms are made entirely from bamboo. We harvest food from school gardens and use composting toilet systems. Youth movements such as Bye Bye Plastic Bags and the annual Sustainable Solutions Expo are becoming global phenomenons.

Supporting these projects enables them to continue to grow, improve and to be shared with other schools and young people around the world.

Join us. We’d love to get to know your passion and help you make a difference.

Selection of Scholar students is a mutual selection process. Sharing information on the educational opportunity while balancing the need to ensure children stay deeply connected to their local community. Applicant families are invited to share their expectations and final selections are based on financial need, alignment of expectations as well as academic and social and emotional assessment. We have a preference for families who live locally, within the villages surrounding the School but any Indonesian child is eligible to apply.

This year especially, we are seeking outstanding high school students with a passion for environmental sustainability to fill our special merit-based scholarships.

Green School looks for students with a curiosity for the surrounding world, who will flourish in our school environment.  Ideal candidates show both academic and emotional intelligence, can demonstrate empathy, the potential for leadership and, most importantly, are eager to learn.

LSP Fundraising Target

Our fundraising target is based on the tuition costs of 39 students (minus a 20% Green School contribution), as well as incidental costs of laptops, camps etc.   In 2018/19 we hope to offer 5 additional scholarships, as we continue to grow this program.

For more information on our giving programmes, contact