Connecting Green School with the Community

Kul Kul Connection was founded in 2012 to build sustainable connections between Green School and the residents of surrounding villages, recognizing that unity is a fundamental part of being ‘green’.

By fostering meaningful interaction between the local Balinese community and Green School’s international community, Kul Kul Connection aims to:

  • Co-create a sustainable and prosperous Bali, based on existing Balinese values and societal characteristics.
  • Promote the best of Bali – its people, culture, the arts, local ingenuity and gotong royong (mutual cooperation).
  • Nurture a deeper understanding of our home in Bali through active participation in language, local rituals, cultural events, art, and music.
  • Promote unity and peace through mutual understanding, shared experiences, and shared values.



Kul Kul Connection recognizes language learning as the foundation for community building. Learning the common languages spoken in our community (English and Indonesian), enables local and international contingents to discover a shared path towards a more sustainable future. Learn more



Kul Kul Connection offers fully funded scholarships for Indonesian students to attend Green School – covering tuition, field trips, resource needs and extracurricular costs, as appropriate. A full-time Indonesian counsellor is also available on and off campus to provide support to the children and their families, in terms of their academic development and general wellbeing. Learn more



A major focus of our community work is focused on sustainability learning and this is embedded in all aspects of the Kul Kul Connection programme. Learn More



From October 2017, Green School’s Green Educator Course will expand as a hub to support innovative Indonesian educators to learn the Green School pedagogy and how to ‘green’ their own schools. Find out more here.

Why Give?


Sustainability in this context means a long-term focus on empowering local change makers, who can build on our relationship a sustainable vision for their own future.

Sponsoring 31 local scholarships and 300 after-school students is a substantial financial commitment. To continue to run and grow the programme, we rely on the financial support of private individuals, organisations and charitable trusts.

Become a friend of Green School and join us to transform education, solve problems, explore solutions and create a new generation of green leaders, both locally and globally.

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