Partner with us to transform education, solve environmental problems and create a new generation of creative, green leaders in Indonesia and globally.

Green School is an inspiration to others in educating for a purpose and supporting children to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the world today and into the future.

We cultivate innovative collaborations and strategic partnerships with organisations that share our vision of investing in young people. We believe that the future of our planet depends on having young people educated and challenged to be creative, innovative green leaders.

With our partners, we encourage students to take on real-life problems, connect them with mentors and give them the space and tools they need to develop sustainable solutions, enabling them to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world today.

Sustainability also means a long-term focus on empowering and integrating local change makers in our community, Bali and Indonesia who can build a sustainable vision for their own future.

We partner with corporations that support our commitment to being the ‘Greenest School on Earth’; a showcase of a sustainable campus and community. From the food we grow and eat and our bamboo buildings, to our procurement, energy use, water and waste management – we can work together in positively addressing our environmental impact and transform the future by living and learning for sustainability.

Join us in partnership, with the local communities in Bali and Indonesia, our supporters and families and children who come from all corners of the globe to learn, innovate, collaborate and play a part in Making Our World Sustainable.

Specifically, we work with:

  • Corporate Foundations and CSR Departments, to co-design projects and programs both at Green School and on the ground that create transformational change for education, young people, the environment and local communities.
  • Employee fundraising for corporate contributions, workplace giving and matching gifts to our programs.
  • Cause-aligned campaigns that leverage the power of our combined brand and customer network.
  • Employee and entrepreneurial engagement through volunteerism and mentorship programs for student learning experiences and projects.
  • Industry experts in innovation, conservation and environmental sustainability in exploring and sharing Sustainable Solutions.
  • Industry coalitions on mutual areas of interest, bringing collective support to the issues we care and campaign about.

Green School is simultaneously committed to creating value for our partners’ businesses and brands and will effectively design and implement global partnerships that achieve measurable impacts for youth, the environment, communities and education.

Green School also imparts and shares an action-based entrepreneurial learning methodology that is replicable and transferable to other organisations and contexts, to affect green change with lasting local and global impact.

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