Learning Programme with a Purpose

The world our children will inherit is changing faster than anytime in history. For our children to prosper and humankind to flourish, we need a new kind of education.

The school’s architectural splendor kindles the imagination and stimulates innovation and creative design. Our strong community fosters collaboration and shared values. Our social enterprises encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. Our location cultivates friendship and partnership with Balinese people and world cultures. Our values-based approach inspires youth to pursue their passions and make a difference now (see our Learning & Living Ambitions).

By design and intent, Green School is a dynamic place – always changing, growing, and learning. While our learning program has solid foundations that foster development of our core skills & competencies, we continue to experiment with research-based progressive Learning Principles designed to nurture the qualities and competencies to advance us toward a sustainable future.

At Green School we strive to help our students understand the value of what they learn. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of learning that doesn’t stop at the classroom, but matures into a future full of passion and opportunities.

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