Learning Programme with a Purpose

The world our children will inherit is changing faster than any time in history. For our children to prosper and humankind to flourish, we need a new kind of education.

Green School’s mission of “a community of learners making our world sustainable” sets the core philosophy of why and how the School educates. The “Green School Way” is to prepare for the real world by being involved in it now; to have impact now; to take responsibility now; and to model and practice the skills and mindsets that we will need later on, now.

Green School’s mission is embodied in the Learning & Living Ambitions. The Learning & Living Ambitions presents the overall picture of each member of the Green School community and the qualities and competencies we hope to instill in our graduates.

By design and intent, Green School is a dynamic place – always changing, growing, and learning. The process to achieve the Learning & Living Ambitions is equally dynamic; however, our teachers employ two methods to instill these qualities and competencies in our students:

The Green School Skills and Learning Principles guide everything we do and combined are intended to foster the qualities and competencies in the Learning & Living Ambitions. It is the WHAT we learn plus the HOW we learn that equals the goal of WHO we are and WHERE we want to go.

Green School Skills: What we learn…
These are defined behaviours that provide a structured guide for individual skills development.  We use them as the backbone for all that we teach.  Why? We learn “Green” because it represents our commitment to growing and healthy living things like ourselves, our students, our community, and our world.  These skills refer directly to the Learning and Living Ambitions and are informed by our school’s purpose: A community of learners making our world sustainable.

Learning Principles: How we learn
The Green School learning principles are core shared beliefs about how to nurture powerful and impactful learning experiences. They guide our educational practice across the learning programme.

At Green School we strive to help our students understand the value of what they learn. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of learning that doesn’t stop at the classroom, but matures into a future full of passion and opportunities.

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