Everyday is Earth Day at Green School. Each day we truly live our mission to nurture changemakers and green leaders across our schools in Green School Bali, Green School New Zealand and Green School South Africa, to make our world sustainable. Our compassion and love for Mother Earth and our commitment towards sustainability is evidenced in our learning approach as well as in our surroundings. Our nature campuses are built of sustainable materials, surrounded by nature be it in a bamboo jungle of Bali, at the base of Mount Taranaki in New Zealand, or in a beautiful verdant valley outside Cape Town.

Given what is happening in the world today, we have realized that while we are doing alot for our planet, there is so much more that needs to be done.

Founders of the Green School movement John & Cynthia Hardy, reflect on the times and earth day

The #stayathome movement has provided a unique opportunity to all of us. We can be sitting in the safety of our homes, and still be doing something meaningful for our planet – simple daily acts of green. At Green School, our youth is involved in daily acts of green on a continuous basis, across ages, course work and campus initatives.

Our students are integral to our campus initiatives, either involved in or leading our sustainability projects around campus. We run on green energy, with a vision to be 100% on renewable energy, and we have students working on the installation of solar panels or monitoring our green energy hubs. We have permaculture gardens across campus, and we have students working on their maintenance and harvest. These gardens yield fresh, local, organic produce for our school kitchens & student meals. We have school buses running on biodiesel made from used cooking oil, with our students collecting and helping process it from various sources.

We believe that the youth are not only the learners but also the changemakers of today.

So we invite you to share with us your daily “green act” at home. You could be spending a zero waste day and sorting trash, using recyclable materials to create furniture or toys at home, planting a vegetable garden, taking trash walks in your neighbourhood, or anything else that nurtures our planet. Submit your green act, and we will bring the most inspiring young Green Guardian to our Green School campus in Bali for an immersive experience in sustainability.

Learn more on how you can participate and have a chance to join us in our bamboo campus in Bali


Send in your entries to or post them on Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #GreenGuardiansoftheEarth. You can submit a video or a set of photos accompanied by a written description of the project.

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