Your Green School Bali ‘at a glance’ checklist.

Enrolling at Green School Bali is a two-way selection process. We encourage you to read, watch, question, discuss and deeply consider whether joining our School is the right decision for your family. Our website is a rich repository of information that is at your fingertips.

This summary brings together just some of our beliefs, realities, non-negotiables and wonderful opportunities. We hope this feels good for you and that you find your place with us in beautiful Bali




Green School Bali may be a great fit for your family if you…

Absolutely believe that education today must be relevant, real and combine proficiency-based learning (content/knowledge) with the mastery of skills and nurturing of values.

Truly want to connect with nature including all that goes with it – the mud, the rain, the heat and the critters.

Embrace supported risk-taking, for example, climbing, using tools to make things, knives in the kitchen, running in flip-flops and climbing coconut trees.

Love that we learn about important and sometimes perceived controversial issues including politics, sex and relationships, gender and race-related (in an age-appropriate way, of course).

Seriously want to connect locally including the opportunity to learn from Indonesian staff, to grasp the language basics, respect the culture and build new friendships based on respect.

Feel comfortable with how tactile and interconnected our community is, including allowing young students to connect with older students and older students to connect with adult/parent mentors.

See the importance of contributing to the community including tidying up, cleaning the chicken coop, composting, sorting recyclables and other acts of self-responsibility and service.

Accept as parents, that our children will lose items on the campus that may never be seen again.

Know that challenges and difficulties are opportunities for growth – agreeing that it’s not helpful to rescue at every hardship and remove reasonable obstacles.

Love the individuality and imperfection of humanity, but agree that destructive behaviour is not ok. We must show efforts to improve, to embrace restorative justice and show improvement.

Believe that standardised testing, onerous homework, rigid curriculum, scores and grades (before high school level) are not the best approach to assessing or supporting the whole child.

Honour, respect and trust our educators, who bring deep expertise, experience and creativity to their teaching practice.

Understand that a progressive, living, curriculum is evidence-based but not set down to the last detail. And accept that our core programs and teaching approach are not up for negotiation.

Feel comfortable that we do not have a uniform and never will – wearing pyjama pants or a tutu to school is totally cool, within a liberal dress guideline.

Are keen to be involved in the School and find ways to add to the richness of the community, while appreciating that not every new idea can be accommodated.

World Economic Forum: Schools of the Future, 2020

Value the diversity of our community as an opportunity to learn, knowing that this brings a diversity of worldviews and opinions. They won’t always be the same as yours and that’s great!

Want to make some changes to your personal practices to live more sustainably and will participate in School solutions on waste, transport, food and carbon minimisation programs.

Understand that we are a school first and foremost. We are not perfect and cannot solve all the world’s environmental, social and political challenges – we have our limits.

Accept that there will be things about Bali that you will love and others you will find challenging. Settling in with respect, a learning mindset and with eyes wide open to the fact that things will not be the same as at home.



If you are comfortable with all this, you are likely to find Green School Bali a great fit. You’ll fall in love with our teachers, our community, our campus and Bali. You’ll embrace growth and will have an experience like no other – simply life-changing.

Written by Kate Druhan, Head of Community and Environment Green School Bali 2020