World Food Day with a Food Educator, a Permaculture Farmer, and a Holistic Food Forester


At Green School, we’re not just leading a movement in student-led sustainability and environment conservation, but also in food. Our students develop a healthy relationship with food from an early age, grow and cook their own food, and learn the impact of their eating and consuming habits on themselves and the environment around them.

This year, on World Food Day, Green School Bali will be hosting Orin Hardy, Co-founder of Kul-Kul Farm, Simon Jongenotter, Creator of food at Zest Ubud & Founder of New Earth Cooking School, and Ida Rahayu, our Food Education teacher for a Live Discussion on the role of food in our lives and how we can all become more conscious and ethical in our growing, eating and waste management practices.

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“Humans can have a regenerative impact on the planet, rather than a degenerative impact. There is no better time than now to start thinking about reconnection to land, organic farming, and ecological living.” – Orin Hardy, Co-founder of The Kul Kul Farm.

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As a thank you to all three special guests for celebrating World Food Day with us, our amazing team of Gardeners prepared a gift of freshly picked produce from Green School Bali’s gardens, wrapped in banana leaves. Let us reflect on our own relationship with food, and the impact of our eating and consuming habits on the planet.

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