Change Maker Challenge: Results and Current Progress

Thank you to everyone who supported Green School in the Earth Day Change Maker Challenge. As the official winners of the Earth Day Road Map Challenge, we raised a total of $330,000 including the grant prize of $100,000.

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to support a new generation of young green leaders who are taking matters into their own hands and developing sustainable solutions now.

The support so far has been beyond our expectations, we are honored and humbled.

As a result of our amazing campaign, we have added 9 local students to join our local scholarship program. This year, we have 39 students ranging from age 4 through age 18. Thanks to our wonderful supporters like you!

On top of that, we are able to build our dream Community Innovation Hub. Which, will not only replace our current KemBali Recycling Hub, but will be home to some amazing machines that can turn waste into products. From hundreds of donations during our Changemaker Campaign, we are able to build this hub with a goal to further expand it when we reach our full fundraising goal. We want to give our children of the future an opportunity to incubate, investigate, implement, and share better sustainable solutions. Turning, even more, trash into usable products – arts, up-cycling fashion design, using re-purposed/used clothing, maker-space equipment to store household items and more.

This project-based learning building is geared towards student involvement in the full design process and lifecycle of a product or idea from conception to creation to reuse. Several existing organizations will make the Hub a launching pad for sustainable ideas in our local community that have a global impact, including KemBali, Bio-Bus, and Kul Kul Connection. It will elevate not only the science, math, design, and arts that are able to happen on campus but will also be a solid anchor to the Sustainable Solutions curriculum currently taking shape within the Green School.

We extremely value your support through the years, and are so lucky to have you as a part of the Green School Family. Thank you for your contributions through donating or sharing the campaign with others. We cannot be more grateful.

We’ll continue to keep you updated in our journey through this page and email but please feel free to connect with us through if you have any specific questions or suggestions for us on how we can make a bigger impact in our next fundraising.

You can still donate to our campaign!

We are nearly there to reach our fundraising goal of $500,000, we still have a further $58,000 to go to reach our goal in opening up more scholarship opportunities for Balinese children and getting all young change makers innovating and designing sustainable solutions in the Community Innovation Hub. Click the button below to make an impact and activate a change maker!

“…I have visited many different places and many schools but Green School is the most unique and impressive school I have ever visited.” Ban Ki-Moon, former UN Secretary General.