A Green School in Merah Putih – 10 Years on

On Friday, August 17, 2018 members of the Green School Community came together to mark the occasion of Indonesia’s 73rd Independence Day.
With members of the Green School Community, Local Scholars families, Kul Kul Connection families, and the Green School Executive Council in attendance on the cold, rainy morning, it was a momentous occasion to celebrate the Merah Putih and ties that Green School has to its host-nation.

The ceremony was presided over by Ibu Tirka Widanti, President of Yayasan Kul Kul (Green School) and started with singing the national anthem “Indonesia Raya” while a combined group of Green School’s Local Scholarship students, Kul Kul Connection students and local students from SMP 3 Abiansemal hoisted the national flag (the Merah Putih). Students from STIBA, college for foreign language in Bali, also participated as a choir in the ceremony.

In a message from the Chair of the Board of Management, Kate Druhan to the Green School Community,

This special day reminds us of the diversity and unity of Indonesia and the cultural melting pot that the School is. We have over 35 nationalities represented by our families and our Indonesian community comprises the majority of our staff and is the third biggest student group, by nationality.
For many of us, we are the guests here in this part of the world and our School has always sought to give-back and to learn from our neighbours. Our Local Scholar program alone, with 43 Students, is by far the largest of all International Schools in Indonesia. Added to this is our ever expanding and hugely dynamic Kul Kul Connection community integration program which has over 300 students enrolled. Green Educator training for Indonesian teachers from local schools, Indonesian intern programs and ‘KemBali to local schools’ are some more examples of how we seek to make a positive difference in our community here in Indonesia.

“We educate for sustainability and through entrepreneurship skills that integrate to nature. With a holistic approach, we inspire and empower students to be green leaders. To achieve this goal, we refer to the Green School iRespect Values, eight values (Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, Sustainability, Peace, Equity, Community and Trust) that guide our community of learners to make our world sustainable,” said Tirka Widanti, President of Yayasan Kul Kul in her speech at the ceremony.

Since our opening in 2008, Green School as a private, non-profit school has had supporting our local community at the heart of our mission. Ten years on we continue this mission and help to ensure we educate changemakers in our local community and beyond. To learn more about the Green School Local Scholars Program and other giving programs at Green School, please visit our Giving At Green School page.
Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!