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The kites have appeared; I've noticed for a week or two that little kids are making kites and by August everybody will be making kites. No country in the world celebrates kites the way the Balinese do. That means the cool season is upon us; I'm walking often 10 km early in the morning and there’s a cool breeze, which is a blast to experience in the tropics.

Green SuperCamp is coming, my daughter Carina is going to be a Group Leader. If you haven't heard of Green SuperCamp, it is probably in my view the most amazing social educational week that my kids have ever spent. They come home with rhymes like, “if you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late, and if you're late, you're left behind again.” I mean, wisdom for a lifetime. I love Green Super Camp.

I wrote last month about watching kids in my old high school in Canada with their heads down, looking from side to side, being herded around, closely guarded by teachers. It really double hit me when I saw the Green School graduating class. We have such an amazing group of young adults! People that will surely change the world. Good luck, class!! You will be very missed. I was watching some of them play the marimba and I thought we're not going to see them anymore. And that's cool. Grade 11 is going to come into its own.

See an update on the Green School vortex in this video, good news: 


Summer is upon us, the beautiful season. Enjoy the cool breezes and the clear days!



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Green School’s first high school graduating class, the Class of 2013, received messages from some of the world’s top environmental leaders. Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Richard Branson, Bill McKibben, Bob Brown, Paul Hawken, Michael Franti, Daryl Hannah, Ben Cohen, and others sent videos and written messages to congratulate and inspire the graduates at their commencement ceremony in Bali. The messages can be seen and heard in a video available on YouTube: 

A team from Green School will be visiting Australia during the holiday break and presenting at community information nights about the “Greenest School on Earth” in Brisbane and Northern Rivers. The events will consist of presentations and a Q & A panel with:

  • Shaun McGurgan, Green School Teacher and Curriculum Manager
  • Kaia and Dan Roman, Green School parents who are also working to establish a global Green School network
  • Toby King, Green School Grade 9 Student from Mullumbimby, NSW

Northern Rivers: Crystal Castle on July 23 at 6:30 pm

Brisbane: Eco Centre at Griffith University on July 24 at 6:30 pm

For more information Click below:


If you are considering sending your children to Green School, but would like to know more about what happens in the classroom in your child’s grade level, have a look at these informative short videos about Green School’s 4 Learning Neighborhoods.

Early Years: Pre-K - Kindergarten

Primary School: Grades 1-5

Middle School: Grades 6-8

High School: Grades 9-12

Kids from around the world are making new friends and having fun in nature at Green Camp. This month's Green SuperCamp programs will teach kids accelerated learning skills while giving them an unforgettable week at camp.

The first ever Green Leaders Journey will take place this month. A group of exceptional young leaders aged 14-18 will be joining us from around the world to tackle the social and environmental challenges that our planet faces…and to have a lot of fun coming together as a team! We have some amazing service-learning opportunities lined up that will give the Green Leaders hands-on experience with  talented local individuals and organizations who are making a difference.  Space is still available, and registration is available online at:


If your family is in Bali for the summer, check out our Holiday Camps for kids aged 5-12. Your kids will experience a whole other side of Green School! There is still room in our 3 and 5 day Junior Explorers (age 5-8) and Discovery Camps (age 9-12) in July and August, but dates are filling up. There is also apace in our Family Camps, with fun for the whole family! Register at:


The first ever Green School Educator Course was held at Green School June 8th-10th. Sixty-five people from around the world attended the event to learn more about Green School’s curriculum and pedagogy. Green School teachers presented on topics across all grade levels, inspiring the course participants to bring some of Green School home with them. The next course, specifically focusing on Early Years and Primary School Educators, will take place September 27-29. For more information please click below.


The Kul-Kul Connection is Green School’s outreach program with the local village community.  The Kul-Kul Connection holds community meetings, weekly language exchange excursions to the local school, meets with teachers from schools in the area, and has embarked on  field trips to meet community leaders, such as the Head of the Sibang Kaja village, the Head of the ‘blumbungan’ subak, and the ‘kepala desa adat’ or Sibang's Cultural Chief. We have also opened up Green School for children from the village to participate in weekly extra-curricular sporting activities such as ping-pong, volleyball, soccer camp and basketball.  

One of the biggest barriers to cross-cultural connection is language. Most people who live in the local village of Sibang do not speak English and the majority of staff, students, and parents at Green School do not speak fluent Indonesian.  However, there is strong interest from people in the local community to have their children learn English. To meet this need and further strengthen the relationship with the local community, the Kul-Kul Connection will offer free English classes at Green School to local children beginning in August.  We are grateful to Little Mountain Learning Academy (LMLA), in conjunction with Canadian College of English Language (CCEL), who have donated the implementation of the SMRT Youth Curriculum at Green School for the purposes of providing professional and high quality English instruction to the local children of Sibang.  Proceeds from future Green School Educator Courses will also be donated to this program.

Green School Co-Founder John Hardy will be leading an 8-week course for families that are new to Bali beginning shortly after the new school year begins. Having lived in Bali since the 1970’s, Hardy will share insights into local customs, environment, food, spiritual beliefs, language, and more. The course will be participatory, including rice planting, attending temple ceremonies, bike rides through remote areas of Bali, and slow food dinners of locally harvested ingredients.  The Living in Bali Course will be offered for the first time in August, but we anticipate it to be a huge success and to become a regular offering for new Green School families.

The Begawan Foundation breeding facility at Green School continues to increase the numbers of critically endangered Bali Starlings, as well as several other species of endangered birds. We have seen another young chick hatched within the enclosures this month, currently doing well and thriving under the care of the bird keepers.


We are hopeful that the hornbills are once again investigating nesting. The female has entered her chosen nesting hole and looked around. The male is extremely protective of her, staying near her side whenever possible, and insisting on feeding her. Luckily for us, the chosen site has a video camera so we can keep everybody updated should she finally decide to lay eggs and seal herself within the nest. Our newly decorated donation box is just inside the entrance to our site, and we welcome any donations, however small.

For more information on the Begawan Foundation, visit their website by clicking on the image below:


Or follow them on Facebook by clicking on the logo below:

The Hospitality Foundation of Japan, a leading international hospitality planning, design, environmental advisory and contributory foundation, awarded Green School with the Universal Hospitality Award. The Hospitality Foundation of Japan Founder, Kumi Naruse, traveled to Bali to personally present the award to the Green School founders, John and Cynthia Hardy, on June 21.