Youth Enterprise

 Entrepreneurship is a key feature of the Learning environment at Green School and is embedded in all of our Community, Sustainability and Education programmes.

Green School embraces imagination, creativity and inventiveness. We value discerning thinkers who are skilled at developing fresh and original ideas. We have debated the important questions of life, as well as considered our role in it.

With your support, Green School enables students to take on real-life problems. By connecting them with mentors and giving them the tools they need to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, children are given the space to thrive and explore their full potential.

“LEAP Academy has been an amazing experience. I really enjoyed working on real world problems.. it’s empowering to see how much you can achieve at such a young age.”
Silja Peterson, Student

LEAP Academy

Green School’s very own ‘skunk works’ – a place where students are given a high degree of autonomy to hone their entrepreneurial skills and take on a real-life problem to solve. There is a growing view that this is the future of progressive education, and Green School is at the forefront. The Geodesic Dome – a bamboo structure, cleverly designed from sustainable materials to propagate organic mushrooms, is one example of a current Green Leap project.  In supporting this program, you are supporting progressive education, the creation of low-tech and high-tech solutions to real problems and entrepreneurs of the future.