Our goal at Green School is to foster a lifelong love of learning that doesn’t stop at the classroom, but matures into a future full of passion and opportunities that encourages students, teachers and faculty to reach their full potential.

Each department has distinctive needs and funding priorities. Gifts to the school can be designated to support a specific department, or to a particular initiative within the School. Your giving will enable Green School to provide an inspiring learning environment where students can make the most of their school experience, with well-equipped learning facilities that can support and expand our activities in environmental science, technology, engineering, music, graphic design and media.

Innovation Centre

While the amazing Green School campus is one big, natural, wall-less classroom and lab, we would love to support students to explore more high-tech solutions and take their scientific enquiry to a new level. Building a world-class innovation centre for scientific enquiry, high-tech innovation, graphic design/media and music recording is our goal.

Always with an eye for sustainable solutions, we want to share with the world an innovation centre that is not only a place for learning but is constructed sustainably. This will also enable us to further develop and nurture students’ interest in biodiversity, marine science and conservation whilst engaging them in the associated environmental issues.

The Arts

Using the arts to inspire and cultivate a more sustainable world, Green School wants to connect, learn and share with the world through drama, art and music.


Performing arts nurtures creative, confident children and students embrace this medium as a vehicle to be passionate activists and to take messages of inspiration to the world. Building on the huge success of ‘Noble Material’, support for the performing arts is an exciting way to make a difference.

Music at Green School is inspired by the beats and rhythms of Indonesia. Music unites children from all backgrounds and playing and performing collaboratively is at the heart of our music program. The Green School music program draws inspiration for the traditional music and instruments of Indonesia and infuses it with musical genres from around the world.

Visual art through ‘Slow Art’ is a program which uses local, natural and sustainable materials to create masterpieces. This conscious and caring approach to the creation of visual art brings with it an appreciation for traditional methods and a respect for the natural world. Supporting this program, gives Green School the opportunity to expand the program and share what we have learned with the world.