Green School Bali is a special community of learning in Indonesia. Besides the fact that there are no walls in the school, and it’s entirely made of bamboo, we featured unique hands-on learning, with focus on education for sustainability.

We are here to inspire students to connect with nature and local communities, to develop holistically, with skills and competencies for the world of today and the future, to learn entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving and to make a real difference in the world as green leaders.

As a community of learners, our teachers, students, parents, and our local neighbors come together to form a vibrant and nourishing community.

Green School offers families the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new way of learning, and a new way of living. From wherever you are in the world and whatever your place in life, we invite you to take a look at Green School.

“As I take my daily walk through the jungle and gardens of our campus, I am always drawn to our vibrant and joyful Primary neighbourhood. With six, stunning new bamboo classrooms in Primary School, I look forward to welcoming more children from around the world to this inspiring place of learning.”

– Leslie Medema, Head of Academics

So, Give it a Go!  Why not?

Six new classrooms are only part of the beautiful expansion of our Green School dream.

To support our expansion, our Student Recruitment Team is offering a One Semester Only trial.  Hey, that’s only 4 months away from your normal schedule at home. Families just like you have done it and are here to help.

Follow one parent’s journey from discovering Green School all the way to arriving Bali and experiencing it live.

A great example of a typical (but not so typical) day of a primary school student living the Green School dream.

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