Our Head of Teaching & Learning at RoundGlass Summit

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Round Glass Learning Summit held in Jaisalmer, India, February 19-21. The aim of the summit was to support the Roundglass vision to transform the state of Punjab, India, through a wide range of programs designed to address the educational, economic and environmental needs of the population. The summit was a coming-together of the world’s most innovative thinkers and doers in the field of learning for holistic wellbeing – in which Green School Bali is considered (rightfully so) a global leader.

The 3-day intensive consisted of a mix of large-group workshops and smaller ‘change-group’ action sessions. As a representative of our amazing Green School community of learners, I was able to impart a lot of best-practice know-how in terms of mission-driven whole-school development, skills and values-based learning, designing REAL learning experiences, connecting with communities, and more. I also learned so much from leading innovative educators from all over the world.

Green School is a global leader in the education revolution – people all over the world are looking to us as an example of a new model of what a school is and what it does. Yes – we know we are not perfect, we know we have to improve and evolve – but we shouldn’t forget how far we have come (in only 12 years) and how totally awesome the learning experience is for our students, teachers and parents.

Whilst Green School is a leader, we also need to be aware that we aren’t the only school doing amazing and innovative things in education – and we need to continually look and be open for connections and learning from other like-schools, programs and initiatives.

Personally, for me, I received a ‘power-boost’ in my own leadership capabilities. Being away from the daily busy-ness of Green School Bali (yet still connected to my email Inbox) – and being the representative of our community (which I take very seriously), I was exponentially elevated with ‘who I need to be for this community’ … for the students, for teachers, for parents and for our local community.

The Roundglass Learning Summit was a very positive experience – global-sharing of the Green School magic, new learning from other leaders of innovative educational experiences, and my own growth as Head of Teaching and Learning. I am very grateful to the whole community for allowing me to access this opportunity.


Terima Kasih, with respect,

Pak Sal Gordon

Head of Teaching & Learning (Principal)

Green School Bali