Note from Our Head of Teaching & Learning

Green School Bali is lucky we have a wall-less bamboo campus. But due to COVID-19 concerns and ensuring that we protect our wider community here in Bali, particularly our elderly population, our school is ‘bending like bamboo’ (one of our Green School Skills) and temporarily moving to distance learning this week.

We know these times are trying for everyone all over the world, and we are proud that Green School Bali and our values of Integrity, Responsibility, Equity, Sustainability, Peace, Community and Trust will help us all prevail to show the best in ourselves, our community, our host country and our children and students.

Our amazing team of educators are working to help adapt our “Green School Way” learning programme into developmentally appropriate, engaging and REAL distance learning programmes.

This is not an easy task – the Green School Way is very experiential and involves more than just knowledge-acquisition, with a strong focus on skills and values-based learning experiences. But we know our team can step up to this challenge – adapting, being innovative, thinking creatively, collaborating and communicating effectively; we are experts at this! I know we will be able to continue to nourish mindsets, connect as learning communities, and provide meaningful learning opportunities for all of our students.

I want to acknowledge, celebrate and thank our parents as partners in this journey as we transition to Distance Learning and supporting R.E.A.L. learning at home.

In the meantime, please follow us online if you would like to subscribe to our stories and learn more about Green School Bali. I will be speaking live at a Webinar on March 18, 2020 at if you would like to learn more about our way of learning.


Terima Kasih, With Respect,

Pak Sal Gordon

Head of Teaching & Learning (Principal)

Green School Bali