Singapore solar developer Sunseap donates solar array to Green School Bali

April 12, 2018, Sibang Kaja, Bali, Indonesia – Green School Bali students and friends are one step closer to getting their campus off the grid, with the support of Sunseap, the largest clean energy solutions provider in Singapore.
Sunseap, a Singapore-based solar developer, generously donated PV solar panels that will power one of the world’s greenest maker spaces: The Green School Community Innovation Hub. The “iHub” a green, rapid prototyping facility that is changing the face of education. Inspiring entrepreneurial problem solving, student ideas are incubated, tested, rethought, refined, and finally brought to life, under the guidance of the community, visiting entrepreneurs, local artisans and teachers.

Mr. Rob Khoo, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Sunseap Group, said: “Sunseap is delighted to support Green School Bali in its efforts to go green.

“This donation is part of Sunseap’s corporate social responsibility initiative to help people in the region become more aware of the impact of their daily activities on the environment and how they can switch to renewable energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Sunseap’s donation puts the power into the hands of young people to be the change makers they want to be. This project represents the entrepreneurial mind-set and collaborative problem solving that are the hallmarks of both Green School and Sunseap.

In combination with micro-hydro turbine on the banks of the local river, this gift of solar panels will expand an existing solar array on campus, adding another exciting element to the student-driven energy sustainability project “Operation Rain or Shine”. The ultimate goal of Operation Rain or Shine is to become a model of renewable energy production and storage for the school and local community—a showcase of resilient and reliable clean energy. The hybrid renewable energy micro-grid will now be expanded through the generous support of Sunseap.

The shared mission of Sunseap and Green School delivers not only energy solutions but a common belief in the power of learning through real-life projects and educating for 21st Century skills and competencies.

About Green School Bali

Green School is a non-profit private Pre-K to Grade 12 school in Bali, Indonesia, educating for sustainability in one of the world’s most sustainable and beautiful school campuses. The School’s mission is ‘A community of learners making our world sustainable’.

Green School educates through a holistic, community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning programme. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC).

Green School was awarded the title of “2012 Greenest School on Earth” by the Centre for Green Schools at the United States Green Building Council.  The Green School has 440 students from 35 countries including 40 local Balinese children on scholarships.

Green School was founded in 2008 by John and Cynthia Hardy, award-winning jewelers, sustainable business pioneers, and 30-year residents of Bali who recognized a unique opportunity to create a new and truly inspiring model for education, that disrupts the structural, conceptual, and physical limitations of most traditional schools.

“…I have visited many different places and many schools, but Green School is the most unique and impressive school I have ever visited.” – Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary-General

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About Sunseap Group
Sunseap Group is the leading solar energy system developer, owner and operator in Singapore. It operates through three key units: Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap International and Sunseap Energy. Sunseap Leasing is the first and largest solar leasing company in Singapore. Sunseap International targets markets in the South East Asian and Pacific regions. These include a 140 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) solar farm in India and a 10 MWp solar farm in Cambodia. Sunseap Energy provides clean energy solutions utilising off-site arrangements by drawing on solar systems within the Group’s portfolio of distributed generation assets. A notable client is Apple, which recently signed an agreement with Sunseap to procure 100% of its local energy requirements from renewable sources.

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