Green School Bali Rises for V-day 2020

Green School Bali came together on February 14 to mark V-Day in various age-appropriate ways across the schools four Learning Neighbourhoods.  

This was Green School Bali’s eighth year that High School students hosted the event and has become one of the school’s long-standing traditions. The first year we joined this global movement, the entire High School got up on the Sangkep floor (the school had no stage back then) and sang ‘Same Love’ for the community. In previous years, Eve Ensler has also visited Green School Bali as part of V-Day. 

Known around the world, V-Day is a global movement to end violence against women and girls.  as a day to mark the end of violence towards women, V-Day was also celebrated as ‘Friendship Day’ in Early Years and Primary School with a Friendship Day Assembly including poetry reading, music, dancing and a celebration of love. 

The whole school celebrated the day as a community doing a ‘Break The Chain’ Dance flashmob on the Soccer field in the afternoon. Break The Chain is an anti-violence song as part of the V-Day/One Billion Rising movement. 

High School students also collaborated with Green School Bali’s co-learning/co-working space, The Bridge to run student/parent and teacher-led workshops open to all the community. 

The evening culminated in a theatrical performance called ‘Voices’ with High School students performing with teachers and parents. 

Emily Ferguson, Curriculum Advisor,  Green School Bali