Green School Bali is open for learning. Our blended learning approach combines in-person experiences with our Green School Everywhere distance learning program. On August 6, our students and teachers will be together for part-time, on-site learning, bringing us back to the jungle and back to each other.

With precautions and protocols in place due to the COVID-19 situation, we are committed to the wellbeing and growth of our students during this time. Supporting our students to embrace the challenges, find the opportunities and ensure they are empowered learners is priority number one for us.

For our students who are not in Bali during this time, we support their learning, growth and wellbeing through Green School Everywhere. This distance learning program brings our skills, values and competency-based learning from the jungle, to the homes of our community members. We may be apart, but we stand together, as a community, in our enduring mission of being ‘A Community of Learners Making our World Sustainable’.

We’ve designed Green School Everywhere, with all the key elements of our Green School Way – balancing skills, values, and knowledge and also ensuring connections for our students stay strong by providing a daily routine and weekly suite of learning offerings that give both a sense of security to the children and flexibility for parents and households.

For currently enrolled families, COVID-19 updates and advisories are available on the parents ‘Digital Heart of School’ here using the password in the weekly internal Green School Bali newsletter. All newsletter archives are also available here.

If you are interested in finding out more about our blended learning program in Bali or Green School Everywhere distance learning, please contact Admissions for more information and to join our webinars: You can also find out more about our distance learning approach at the Green School Everywhere guide.


Sal Gordon

We are a community of learners, and right now, we are on an unprecedented and accelerated learning journey together. There is no instruction manual for this, but we have a collective growth mindset, agility and skilled educators who know how to pivot and how to adapt. There is no more passionate or creative group of educators committed to bringing the best education to your child, than the Green School Bali team. I am incredibly proud of our educators and our learners. We are not just getting through this, we are growing through this.

Since Green School Bali opened it has been a dynamic place – always changing, growing, and learning. We have built solid foundations and a living curriculum that evolves as our world evolves. It moves, is agile and stays relevant. Now more than ever, our focus on skills, knowledge and values set children up for the world of today and the future. Whether our learners are in Bali or elsewhere in the world right now, we continue to bring each and every one of them a uniquely Green School Bali education with energy, commitment and creativity.

The new school year brings a different and new approach, with a blended learning program for now. In-person learning, immersed in the jungle and gardens, combined with distance learning and home-based projects are wrapped together in student wellbeing programs and initiatives. Green School Everywhere (our full distance learning program), brings the jungle to the homes, hearts and minds of our learners who are outside of Bali. Nurturing relationships and empowering learners, this program is both gentle and impactful.

Regardless of where you are in the world, a REAL experience is at your fingertips now. I invite you to think about a Green School Bali experience now, or make a plan for further down the track. We will be here, innovating, caring, educating and creating an impact in the world of education – now.

Warmest wishes from beautiful Bali.


Kate Druhan

We are in this together. This unprecedented situation has brought the best out in our community and we send our love and thanks to everyone.

Community members are supporting and caring for each other in the most remarkable ways. We may be apart, but we are very much together in spirit.

We have focused our energy and creative-selves to finding ways to live, learn and stay connected, as we weather this storm together. Our community holds the heart of the school and we want to nourish this, now more than ever. We have re-launched The Bridge, our co-learning and co-creating space, known as Green School For Grown-Ups, to support growth and connection for all community members. Offering engaging ways to live, learn and grow, in mind, body and spirit.  Creating events, continuing the connections and keeping the conversations going, as a community, is so central to who we are as a community.  When we provide the space, the grown-ups of Green School Bali step in and step up, to elevate our School and community.

Our parents have been outstanding in these uncertain circumstances. They are a force of positive energy. Special thanks for our GSPA (parents association), Class Ambassadors, parents as student mentors and everyone who is giving something of themselves to the school and each other during this time.

Love & Respect.

“Now more than ever, the world needs creative thinkers and problem solvers; changemakers, who will make our world sustainable”