Green School is Welcoming Learners On Campus

Green School Bali is open for learning. As of August 2021, our students and teachers are back in the jungle and back with each other in an innovative, thoughtful and dynamic learning program that is pure Green School.

Our wall-less learning structures, vast jungle spaces and the tropical climate of Bali are the perfect recipe for open-air and outdoor learning. With COVID-19 safety protocols in place, we remain firmly committed to the holistic wellbeing and growth of our students. At the same time, we honor and respect the people and protocols of Bali, Indonesia.

We continue to welcome new and returning families from across the globe and help our students and community to thrive during this challenging time. Embracing the challenges, finding the opportunities and ensuring our students are empowered learners is our number one priority.

Getting to Bali at this time is challenging and is subject to changing rules, as Indonesia, like every country, navigates its way through the pandemic. For the latest information on travel requirements, please refer to the Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia

Green School Bali anywhere– coming soon. Bringing Green School to the lives of learners wherever they are in the world, Green School Anywhere will be launching in June, 2022. Learners can engage with us, learn skills, develop values and acquire knowledge that is relevant and real – plus activate their own changemaker project to share with the world!

If you are interested in Green School Anywhere or joining Green School Bali, please contact our Admissions Team:  You can also visit our Admissions page here for further information and to start your application.


Sal Gordon

We are a community of learners, and right now, we are on an unprecedented and accelerated learning journey together. The collective growth mindset and agility of our team of skilled educators has enabled us to pivot and adapt, putting children first and finding creative solutions. There is no more passionate or creative group of educators committed to bringing the best education to your child than the Green School Bali team. I am incredibly proud of our educators and our learners. We are not just getting through this, we are growing through this.

Since Green School Bali first opened in 2008 it has been a dynamic place – always changing, growing and learning. We have built solid foundations and a living curriculum that evolves along with our world. It moves, is agile and stays relevant. Our focus on skills, knowledge and values, set children up for success TODAY and in the future.

The past two school years have presented challenges in redesigning how we deliver a Green School education – our whole school has engaged in full distance/online learning programs (with GSB families all around the world), then we created a ‘Blended Learning Program‘ with both in-person and online components, occasionally pivoting to full distance learning for short periods of time.

In 2021-22, we will start the year with some students/families learning on-campus in Bali, and some accessing distance learning programs until they are able to travel to Indonesia. Nurturing relationships and empowering learners, our learning programs (both on-campus and with distance learning) are both gentle and impactful. Regardless of where you are in the world, I invite you to ask yourself the question – Is your child’s education serving them NOW and setting them up to navigate their future world?

Now more than ever, education needs to change. Now more than ever education needs to meet the world where it is. Reach out to us and explore how Green School Bali is innovating, caring, educating and creating an impact in the world of education – now.

Warmest wishes from beautiful Bali.


Kate Druhan

At no other time in our living memory have we needed to feel a sense of belonging more than we do now. The Green School Bali spirit is enduring and has risen to the challenges of the pandemic, reminding us just how special our school is. Our community holds the heart of the school – with care, kindness and creativity coming to the forefront when it is needed most.

We want every community member (large or small!) to feel a sense of belonging. To feel connected, supported and to give and receive as part of our big Green School Bali family.

We welcome our precious, new, 2021-22 families and remain grateful to our much-loved continuing families. Together, our parent community remains as vibrant, diverse and engaged as ever.

For our adult community members, ‘Green School for Grown-Ups’ supports growth and connection, offering parents engaging ways to live, learn and grow. Cross-community projects allow parents to get involved onsite, supporting programs that support the people of Bali. Keeping the conversations going as a community is central to who we are as a School. When we provide the space, the grown-ups of Green School Bali step in and step up to elevate our School, our community and Bali.

Our parents have been outstanding in these difficult circumstances. They are a force of positive energy. Special thanks to the parents of our Balinese Scholars, to our vibrant Parent Association, to new parents who have joined us this year and to the parents who are on their way to Bali for the first time. Welcome to Green School Bali 2021-22!

Love & Respect.

“Now more than ever, the world needs creative thinkers and problem solvers; changemakers, who will make our world sustainable”



Green School is a COMMUNITY of learners making our world sustainable. Without our community, there is no Green School. As so many of our friends and neighbors struggled over the past year, Green School Bali students, parents and teachers – guided by our iRespect values – got to work. Read more about how the Green School Bali Community has lent helping hands and offered each other support during this time of uncertainty. Read more about how our community is taking action and offering support.

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