Education is changing. It must and it is. The world has moved on and the educational paradigms of the past are rapidly being left behind. The static design of traditional schools and classrooms are becoming more obsolete by the day, as more dynamic approaches to education are taking hold.

An emphasis on critical thinking-skills, collaborative and creative problem solving skills, integrated learning programs, learning by taking on real projects and designing real solutions is the future of education. We are witnessing this shift in education across the globe.

Green School Bali is well established as a progressive school that educates for sustainability. With an ever evolving and engaging learning program, we focus on the development of skills  necessary for the world of today and tomorrow. For a world where resilience, adaptability, creativity, entrepreneurship and an ability to collaborate are becoming increasingly important.

When we talk about sustainability, we talk about it beginning deep within the child themselves. Being confident alone, but stronger together, being adaptable and self-aware, being mindful and being responsible. Sustaining themselves through the highs and lows of life and sustaining healthy relationships is at the core. Sustaining effort and living a life that is purposeful, rewarding and reflects care for the impact we have on our planet – this is how we are Making Our World Sustainable.

Green School is not alone in this thinking, nor is it perfect. Seeking out opportunities to connect, collaborate, share and learn, are skills not only instilled in the students, but also right throughout the School itself. Our journey continues and as we connect others in this movement, we discover inspiration and validation. Importantly, this includes confirmation that education can be both progressive and rigorous. Green School’s recent WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation is further confirmation that we are on the right path.

This is the future of education. The future of education, now. Join us, as we continue our journey and move forward with establishing a Green School Foundation, to open up new opportunities and play our part in the evolution of education. Learn more about the Green School Bali, our Learning Program and how we are making an impact in our community and beyond.