Green School’s Local Scholars Programme was the first Green School’s initiative to connect with the local community, in  the neighbouring villages of Sibang Kaja and Sibang Gede where the school is located.

The program was founded in 2008 (along with the opening of the school) by the founders, John and Cynthia Hardy, and has since then been one of the core elements of our school. No other school in Bali as a program of such level of commitment.

Kul Kul Connection is a group of initiatives that supports Green School’s larger social mission of promoting mutual learning exchange to benefit  both the local and expat community. The Local Scholars Programme is now part of the Kul Kul Connection initiatives that incorporate:

  • Bahasa Indonesian Classes for expats
  • English Classes to Indonesian students
  • Environmental activism and awareness program to Indonesian students

Increasing the number of scholars has been identified as a key element of a financially, environmentally and socially sustainable school, envisaged as a world-connected organisation.

In 2016/17 there are 28 scholars enrolled in the Local Scholars Programme and 272 in the after school english and environmental activism classes. Hosting close to 300 Indonesian students at Green School is a substantial asset and it is our shared responsibility to ensure we support KUL KUL Connection to develop and foster and that includes proper funding.

Unity is a fundamental part of sustainable development and making our world sustainable is a promise of a brighter future for Indonesia and beyond. Kul Kul Connection is at the Heart of the Green School purpose and your support is critical to us.

A heartfelt Thank You to everyone that has supported the program in the past.

You are part of Our world.