Green School’s Green Generation is a group of students, teachers and parents from Green School and Kul Kul Connection who are headed to Paris for the COP21 & COY11 this December. Their mission is:

“To raise awareness about the increasingly urgent issue of anthropogenic climate change, and contribute to positive change at the COP21 & COY11 under the UNFCCC. We will represent the Green School as well as Indonesia by working with organizations and schools on the ground, participating in the youth conference, performing an original Green School production, showcasing sustainable student initiatives, and taking part in the collective call for action on the issue of anthropogenic climate change. This is a pivotal moment in the history of our planet. The decisions made in Paris will affect each of us for the rest of our lives. This is our world. This is our school. This is our responsibility.”

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The path to Paris began months ago. Learning, fundraising, planning, and contributing to positive action here in Bali has kept them all in constant motion, accomplishing and achieving so much. DANCING TO PARIS was a recent fundraising party organized by GS Green Generation. The event was hosted at The Kul Kul Farm and catered by our school cook, the spectacular Ibu Kadek. During the event Bye Bye Plastic Bags founders presented about their current successes and challenges. The Bio Bus team also talked about renewable energy and their zero waste curriculum, and each GS Green Generation member spoke about their passions, motivations, and goals for the COP21 & COY11.

In addition to the student initiatives discussed above, GS Green Generation is currently focusing much its efforts on raising awareness about the crisis in Kalimantan and the unsustainable practices of palm oil companies that are contributing to the fires. They will continue to work locally alongside organizations like OuTrop in the weeks and months to come. They are also intending to raise awareness about the crisis in Paris. Look out for these students dressed as orangutans on the streets of Paris as part of our efforts!

The group also started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. The goal of $25,000 is within reach! YOUR help is essential to their effort. Each dollar you donate goes towards the cost of their flights, housing, meals, and participation in the COP21 & COY11. Donations to Green Generation’s GoFundMe are welcomed with open arms and incredible gratitude, as are shares, kind words, and likes.

Follow their journey on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook with hashtags #GSGreenGeneration #COP21 #COY11 #StoptheFires #EarthToParis #SayNoToPalmOil.


Written by Maya Hurd-Lücker

Green School High School Student