Green School – dirt, mud, worms, rocks!
          ‘It’s too noisy, I can’t hear them talking,’ says Eamon, a Grade 4 student. ‘Hear who talking?’ I ask Eamon. ‘The worms, they have their own language, they have conversations. Don’t you know?’ says Eamon. He then went on to tell me in great detail that the worms eat the organic matter, or ‘worm lasagne’ as the children call it and then produce the worm juice or ‘black gold’ as the children call it. According to Eamon, this is like a super food for the plants, it gives them a boost along so the plants can produce the vegetables the school community eats for school lunch.
          The worms are munching, the food is growing, the children are thriving and Green School Primary is expanding. The opportunity of a lifetime, for more young children to experience learning by doing, in a wall-less, natural environment is ready and waiting, with the opening of six, stunning new bamboo classrooms.
          As the school year gets underway, these classrooms are filling with a new generation of mini green leaders who will come from all corners of the globe to learn together, laugh together, get muddy, grubby and inspired, together.
          With a campus, curriculum and teaching team that tap into the natural curiosity of Primary aged children, this is the time to nurture a life-long love for learning. With their hands in the dirt, their minds stimulated by new challenges and concepts and their hearts full, with a love for learning, an ordinary day in the Green School Primary Neighbourhood is by no means ordinary.
          So, what are those worms talking about? ‘I’m not sure, but I think it is pretty serious. Worms have an important job in the eco system’ says Eamon. Clearly, maintaining the school worm farms is a serious pursuit for Green School Primary students. It requires persistence, care, teamwork and an understanding of the science. Throw in a little magic, to spark the imagination, along the lines of worms conversing, and you soon see – this is Green School.

Kate Druhan

Green School Parent & Chair of GS Board of Management