150 Tilapia fish are cozily housed in tanks under the ground of a leaf-shaped bamboo structure. The fish are grown from fingerlings and at 6 months are plate size. The water where the fish live in is pumped up into beds that fence the bamboo structure. Each beds contains river stones for vegetables to grow in.

The ammonia produced by the fish is then converted in the vegetable beds by bacteria into useful Nitrate which feeds the plants. With gravity, the clean water goes back to the fish pond and the splashing effect aerates the water and so the cycle continues. 90% less water is used to grow garden vegetables, the system is organic and fish food is supplied by worms grown at school or bugs attracted at night by a small light in the fish tanks.

This is how our Aquaponic system works, part of the educational garden offered to our students. The students help to check the health of the system regularly while also learn deeper about the nitrogen cycle. As an example of a great symbiotic and sustainable relationship, our Aquaponic center is a wonderful and fun learning experience for our students

The system was designed by Orin Hardy and a Green School parent, Peter Barge in 2014. It is located beside the river below the Yoga studio. Come check beautiful structure whenever you visit our school.


Written by Peter Barge