Authentic Learning Podcast

Listen to this episode of Authentic Learning from our Head of Upper School, Glenn Chickering.

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In this episode, Glenn interviews Green School parent Chris Thompson. Green School’s mission is to be a “Community of Learners Making our World Sustainable.” Parents comprise a large part of that Community of Learners and Chris Thompson is a prime example of that.

Like most highly-engaged parents at Green School, Chris does not just drop his kids at the bamboo gates. Chris is a tireless member of the community – from mentoring students, participating in parent association meetings, providing school tours and so much more. Chris is also the former Managing Director of Green School, former Board Member, and has been an active member of the community since 2009.

In this episode, Chris shares his experiences and thoughts on what authentic education looks like and Chris’ story of how he ended up at Green School and what keeps him and his family here.